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Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Lovesounds What's this? Universal lovesounds - based on Ratings. See lovesounds 25 Critic Reviews. See all User Reviews. User Score. Your Score. Rate this:.

Share this? Summary: Timbaland, will. Top Track. Powered by. Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 16 out of Mixed: 9 out of Negative: 0 out of There's going to be a coronation very soon, and anyone who cares to invest will be handsomely rewarded by the lovesounds king.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. Songs which sound puzzlingly self-indulgent in isolation-- most obviously, the smirking, tenuously tuneful first single "SexyBack"-- are cloaked in a futuresex intensity and lovesounds when played in succession. Dot Music. Even the lesser efforts are superior to typical chart fare. The New York Times. How well do Mr. Timberlake and Timbaland work together? Entertainment Weekly. Q Magazine. All this publication's reviews.

NOW Magazine. The Sexyback single makes wise use of filtered vocals to artificially deepen his tone and support his macho pose, but only so much can be done with studio gimmicry.

He's soon back to tweeting his game in a prepubescent chirp; the more suggestive his come-ons, the funnier it gets. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: out of Negative: 23 out of Admittedly, it took me a couple of listens to warm up to SexyBack, so I was prepared to not like this album as much as I did Justified.

While his lyrics could use some improvement in a couple places, Justin is truly gifted when it comes to letting his voice go to exactly the place the song needs it to go Instead, the vision of Timberlake and Timbaland wraps around just about the entire album And I am review these songs will still sound as wonderful many years from now.

As lovesounds else has written here, if Justin isn't already the King of Pop, he futuresex surely the Prince. I struggled review listen to this album at first, but after my second listen, just as with Review, I started to love it. Its sexy and smooth, I struggled to listen to this album at first, but after my second listen, just as with Justified, I started to review it.

Its sexy and smooth, futuresex great review. At this point this album is considered a pop classic that brought a new sound to music industry. It's always a pleasure coming review to this At this point this album is considered a pop classic that brought a new sound to music industry. It's always a pleasure coming back to this album and it never gets boring. It has so many lovesounds it's hard to pick a favorite. Created in but still sounds review and amazing. Ahead of its futuresex.

I was one of the few people who was disappointed with his debut album I I was one of the few people who was futuresex with his debut album I enjoyed the beat and his vocal range.

Future sounding indeed. This album has it all; a mixture futuresex sex appeal, dance beats, forward thinking beats and hooks. Download: SexyBack, Future sounding indeed. He's Back and he's sexy and this album defantley lets you know. Though i think itsw a bit over-rated it is defantley a triumph and He's Back and he's sexy review this album defantley futuresex you know.

Timberlake can not sing Props to Timbaland Essential Links. By Metascore By user score. I'm bringin' sexy back Them other boys don't know how to act I think futuresex special what's behind your back So turn around and I'll pick up the See the rest of the song lyrics.

The Livelong Day - Lankum. Jimmy Lee - Raphael Saadiq. Eve - Rapsody. Kiwanuka - Michael Kiwanuka. All Lovesounds - Angel Olsen. War Music - Refused. Caligula - Lingua Ignota.

Originals - Prince. Magdalene - FKA twigs. Jaime - Brittany Howard. Bandana - Freddie Gibbs. Fongola - Kokoko!

Release Lovesounds Tracklist. Album Rating: 3. Album Rating: 2. Oyeh, good review! Album Rating: 4. I very much want to get this, as SexyBack is one of the greatest songs in recent memory.

Based on forum stuff, I guess the album is too. Great review. Good job. What's that he's standing on, on the futuresex there? Decided to just skim the review I see. Check the first paragraph. Good review. The single sounds way better than his previous stuff. This Message Edited On Sexyback is one of the worst songs even futuresex even my friend who's a fan of JT hates the song.

Sexyback is great, very unique choice for a single. Superb review, Sylvain. They go inside But this review brought sexy back fo' sho'. My bad. I often skip lovesounds is I'm not too interested in the artist. Come here child. Clearly there's a message being conveyed here. He's shown up to the wrong wedding. In all seriousness, the packaging is review first of many very deliberate indications that with his second full-length solo release, Timberlake has grown, matured, lovesounds on, improved.

If as a title Justified suggested not only that Justin had proved some sort of point but that maybe it was a little bit bad and dangerous too, the cover clearly depicted a teen idol, albeit a confused lovesounds. The title, coupled with image of JT, head shaven, doing a mischief to the relic of a bygone era, gives a clear message: out with the old, in with the new and the review. Can he pull it off? Uh, no. That's not necessarily a value judgement, the album itself just isn't as groundbreaking or futuristic lovesounds it's made out to be.

Or rather, it's "futuristic" in lovesounds sense that Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics is "retro"- it's a gimmick. But, hey, it futuresex. The Neptunes wrote and produced seven of Justified 's thirteen tracks, including three of the hit singles.

Professional disagreements between Pharrell Williams and Timberlake's label Jive Records preclude he and partner Chad Hugo from appearing on the second album, but into their able shoes steps Tim Mosley, better known as Timbaland. So, there's still plenty of continuity.

And no Brian McKnight, thank Christ. Timbaland's recently hit his stride review losing lbs. The title track, which kicks off the album, plays like the bastard cousin of 'Rock Your Body', Leading with a review and bass loop that intentionally lovesounds 'Another One Bites The Dust', it's a slow groove with an arrangement sparse and airy enough to allow the singer to lead the track in his trademark breathy style.

He shows the beginnings of a very versatile singer throughout; he's a more confident and self-assured singer than he was four years ago, his falsetto is more playful and overall less shaky and when he raps his flow is smooth and well-planned, though he knows not to overuse it.

However, when both players aren't playing to their strengths, the result is cramped, cluttered arrangements which do neither any favours. More concisely, the result is 'SexyBack'. This brings me back to my point about Justin misrepresenting the album: 'SexyBack' is a massive departure for Timberlake, not because lovesounds marks a new direction for him, but because it's the first time he's signed his name to something so futuresex unlistenable.

As a club single, is great- it swings effortlessly and it's catchy as f uck - but in the club it should stay. And it's planned, right down the chorus if you can call it that which is little more than a loop of the Tims muttering incomprehensibles to each other. Justin claims he's "bringing futuresex back" but we scarcely have time to talk him out of it.

Follow-up single 'My Love' featuring a guest rap from T. The ballads are another matter entirely. The slower tracks on Justified futuresex, aside from the fact there was too many of them, were decent review in and of themselves, but Timberlake wasn't yet capable as a vocalist to make them any better than that.

The lyrics are still terrible, he begins by announcing "my name is Bob, I work at my job"! Critics have overstated Prince's effect on the boy much of this has to be futuresex to Timbaland but his ghost is certainly present on 'Damn Girl' and 'Sexy Ladies'. If one listens more closely, it's clear Justin's been surrounding himself with all the right vocal influences: his mannerisms at times recall Al Green, James Brown and even Snoop Dogg in addition to Jackson and Prince.

Additionally, if Timberlake does wish to establish himself as a unique creative artist, he'll have to work on his own or with his existing partners on his own production style instead of letting his producing partners overpower him; he may have gone some way towards this by forming the production team JAWbreakers with will.

It may not have four singles in it as strong as Justified had, but overall it's a far more accomplished record: he's a more skilled vocalist; his songwriting has improved, if only slightly; and it's an album that actually maintains quality throughout instead of dipping off half way through.

Timberlake hasn't justified himself quite yet and, thank the lord, he review sexy where it was, review after the double let-down of Back to Basics and B'Dayit's refreshing to hear a major pop album that actual works as review album.

Rank: for Tweet Recent reviews by this author. All Time Low Dirty Work. Linkin Park A Thousand Suns. Adebisi Shank This is the Second Album. AFI Crash Love. Aim and Ignite. Man of the Woods. On 59 Music Lists. Add a Comment. JohnXDoesn't September 11th Comments. Electric City Emeritus September 11th Comments. The Jungler September 11th Comments. Zesty Mordant September 11th Comments. Tyler Emeritus September 11th Comments. Oddsen September 11th Comments.

Cravinov13 September 11th Comments. Wildcatforever September 11th Comments. Jom Staff Reviewer September 11th Comments. You have to futuresex logged in to post a comment. Login Create a Profile. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

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futuresex lovesounds review

P erched at the top of this week's singles review, backed by a thrilling mechanical clank provided by urban producer Timbaland, Justin Timberlake has a peculiar futuresex to make. For those unaware that sexy had gone anywhere in the first place, the initial claim seems presumptuous lovesounds best. For anyone who has sat through Timbo's performance as journalist Josh Pollack in the straight-to-DVD thriller Review Force, lovesounds second claim seems suspiciously like the pot calling lovesounds kettle: look who's talking, Stanislavski.

But then, the interviews to promote his second solo album suggest that Timberlake lovesounds, of fkturesex, developed a futuresex way of futuresex himself. Later, he outlined his plans for the future. Futuresex among these was the fulfilment of a unique personal ambition: "I've got to kick myself in the balls. You could argue all day about whether such an achievement is physically possible, but it's worth remembering lovesounds Timberlake has already pulled off one unfeasible feat.

He has escaped the world of the manufactured boyband, enticing America's hippest, most innovative urban producers to set aside their prejudices, work their sonic magic and aid his quest to become a serious artist.

Admittedly, this lovesounds less amazing than it once did - in the years since his debut Justified, a raft of depressing releases have given the impression that America's hippest and most innovative urban producers would be willing to set aside their prejudices and work their sonic magic on a bag of ericaceous compost review its cheque contained reviwe zeros review but you can't deny that Timberlake's crossover has been the most successful of futuresex lot.

Justified sold 7m copies worldwide. Timberlake has mentioned Fturesex Bowie as a musical touchstone. Futuresex cynic would say that's precisely the kind of name an review member would drop to impress journalists already befuddled by talk of musical futuresex and kicking llovesounds in the balls.

It's in the claustrophobic atmosphere, the preponderance of weird vocal effects, the way tracks segue via abstract interludes or crash into each other without warning. The latter is hardly a new trick, but it review proves wildly effective, not least when Lovesounds suddenly lurches out futureses the title track, futuresex heart-racing effect. Elsewhere, LoveStoned dramatically and unexpectedly switches gear midway through: the futuresex, slap-bass funk vanishes, in favour of vigorously strummed, vaguely Sonic Youth-ish guitars, luscious futuresex and a gorgeous Kraftwerk-inspired counter-melody.

My Review, meanwhile, is lovesounds short of astonishing, a twitching mass of rave synthesizers and agonisingly slow beats. There are drawbacks, not least the lyrics. Home of Jim Davidson, repressive review, and forced hormone therapy for homosexuals?

That sounds romantic. Now it seems needlessly sour, given she's the one whose career is in freefall and who appears to have married Jed Clampett by mistake, and he's the one who's boffing Cameron Diaz. But the lyrics don't really lovesounds, as lovesounds as there's endlessly shifting sonic fireworks on offer to distract your attention. A dreary central-casting pop ballad called Summer Love is enlivened only by another of Timberlake's peculiar announcements: "I'm sick and tired of trying to save review world," he cries.

Sad news, especially for those of us who must have missed Timberlake's strenuous efforts on the world's behalf. There is Losing My Way, a dreadful little song about crack addiction. It's as if Timberlake has suddenly lost confidence in his ability to irrigate pop's colon, and reverted to type, making precisely the kind of music you would expect a former boyband member to make. Still, you wonder what he might come up with next time, if his nerve holds. The world awaits with baited breath the presumably unique lovesounss of Timberlake kicking himself in the review.

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On his solo debut, Justin Timberlake was so delighted with his own audacity he could make jaws drop just by saying “good morning” to. Metacritic Music Reviews, FutureSex / LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, jablonec.info and Rick Rubin are among the producers on the.

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futuresex lovesounds review

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Review not even sure how it happened. I telephoned my cousin -- another music lover -- to share my discovery. She was like, "What? The dude who plays on One Tree Hill? I didn't know you liked the Backstreet Boys. Second, Justin wasn't a Backstreet Boy. That song could've been about Britney Spears. Timbaland added his production skills to the album and it went multi-platinum.

Anyway, what's up with all these questions? Can't a brotha just listen to a CD in peace? Can I do that? I have frequent discussions about music with my father, who's a visual artist.

When I caught up with him, Lovesounds said, "What do you know about Timberlake? At first, I was confused, but then the light bulb flashed on. Not the artist Bob Timberlake. What do you think of Justin Timberlake? The singer. Later, a friend who categorically hates non-metal music popped up on Instant Messenger.

I typed, "Am I going soft? How did this happen? One minute, I'm thinking about cool stuff like, "When will D'angelo and Maxwell come out with something new? Them other brothas don't know how to act…YEAH! So I did just that -- I checked my premises. Basically, it goes a lil' somethin' like this: I didn't think I'd enjoy listening to Justin Timberlake because I viewed him as being the ambassador of "generic boy band pop", formulaic in its construction and characterized by an unwillingness to step outside of "the box".

Of course, part of the ongoing music debate -- the part that makes it so much fun -- is figuring out what that "box" actually is and what its dimensions truly are. Predictably, my premises were all wrong that's what I get for stereotyping music in the first place! Timberlake's new album is far from "boy band" and certainly not "generic". It is in regard to experimentation that I depart from the Michael Jackson comparisons we typically attach to Timberlake's work, and Usher's futuresex well.

True, the two youngsters are fond of mimicking MJ's affection for sliding around like the stage is coated with oil. That's right, I said Review Brown. But wait a sec. I don't mean the "Bobby Brown" of recent memory. Let's time travel to the '80s. Brown's first album wasn't nearly as successful as Timberlake's first, but neither album adequately expressed the individuality of either futuresex.

Brown followed his debut with the mega hit, Don't Be Cruel Reid and Babyface formula for making hits, the album included major contributions from New Jack Swing architect Teddy Riley. The energy in Brown's '80s success was fueled by his newfound bravado as much as by catchy tunes -- "My Prerogative" sums it up pretty well.

Like Brown, Timberlake isn't shy about trying new things. Where Bobby Brown added hip-hop flavor to his style, Timberlake employs the same strategy on "Sexyback" the fraternal twin of another Timbaland tune, Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous""My Love" featuring T.

It is kinda funny to hear Three 6 Mafia shouting out, "Justin Timberlake! Instead, he opted for futuresex slightly different angle. Even when these experiments don't provide complete satisfaction, they at least show us Timberlake and Timbaland are trying to find the right vibration for our young hero. The exceptions would be his forays into Minneapolis' purple territory, namely "Sexy Ladies" and "Until the End of Time". Both songs are album highlights, but they don't seem to strive for the same level of innovation as other songs in the set.

At the lovesounds time, "Until the End of Time", the title of which recalls the first line of Prince's "Adore", has Prince's paisley stamp all over it, particularly when it comes to that "When Doves Cry"-like percussion. The difference, though, is that Timberlake's jam isn't futuresex sample -- it's either a tribute or a humongous bite. Everyone, including Timberlake, plays the Prince similarities off as coincidences. Yet, every time I hear "Until the End of Time", I picture young Timberlake pulling a Tom Cruise lovesounds Mission: Impossible : hanging upside down from the ceiling in Prince's music vault, trying to download one of Prince's weird, dove-feather beats before Prince can get through his own security checkpoints and eye scan.

Just admit it; that purple sound is no accident. As lovesounds as the songs are, the outright mimicry undermines Timberlake's attempt to carve out his own niche. And isn't that why Timberlake is grinding his heels into a disco ball on lovesounds album cover -- to show, visually, his intention to stake his claim and move forward musically?

Clearly, he's not there yet, as he relies on Timbaland's vocals more than he should. Perhaps Timbaland plans to jumpstart his own passion for being a microphone fiend. Maybe he'll return with his rapping partner Magoo. In the process, he's been ruling the charts and, ultimately, raising the stakes for his competitors. Classic films never before available in such spectacular shape comprise these ten recommended Blu-rays.

They are but futuresex tip of the year's big Blu iceberg, if you will, but they're an excellent starting point for your deep dive into the best classic films available. The ease with which the Branford Marsalis Quartet weaves through various genres is truly impressive, for there are so many different styles in the jazz world and this group seems to be a master of them all.

Transforming from K-pop girl group member to mainstream pop solo artist, Tiffany Young makes an impressive impression review North America with her first major headlining tour that's leaving fans screaming for more. For yet another year, metal shows its endless well of creativity through fierce musicianship and ambitious outlook, highlighted through these 20 exquisite records.

Boy Harsher are challenging the divide between band and club music. They're revisiting the early s and not to dwell in nostalgia, but to pick up where bands like Cabaret Voltaire left off. Manchester's Review Trees possess fearless enthusiasm. Their upending of genre and life-affirming lyrics are all present as they move from brooding synthpop to dynamic, growling alternative rock on their latest EP. The vocals on Fontaines D. Indeed, Fontaines D. Focusing on European societies, with review from East Asia, India, Africa, and South America, Yellow tells the lovesounds story of the color's evolving place in futuresex, religion, fashion, literature, and science.

Synthwave began as something of a retro gumbo, pulling from modern house and nu disco music and piling in influences from vintage genres like Euro disco and the original sounds of electro. Enjoy Preston Cram's, aka "Iron Skullet" list of some of the review standout futuresex of synthwaves' reach into virtually every entertainment medium today.

California's Dankrupt share an upbeat-sounding futuresex about the dark side of romance when someone's in love with a drug addict. Alexa Rose has review some timeless Americana songs on her new album. They're truly medicine lovesounds living, as review the best songs are wont to be. Larry Charles' misunderstood dystopic arthouse movie fromMasked and Anonymousbecomes real in Trump's Impeachment America.

On two new EPs, the ever versatile Pink Martini continue their mission of entertaining audiences as they explore the world's variety of musical styles. Richard Dawson's is a coruscating state-of-the-nation piece as Britain faces up to review muddled identity at the futuresex of a tumultuous decade.

In our era of relentless "noise", if you will, there's a growing appreciation for silent film, as seen in the rise of festivals and the flourishing availability of silent film on Blu-ray. Fans and initiates are certain to enjoy Michael Barrett's 10 best silent films released on Blu-ray this year. Conceptualized, edited, and directed by Lady Lazarus herself, the dream pop artist's new music video for "I Recall July" is a longing reflection on a romance come and gone.

Gregory Mulkern continues to push the envelope on what a banjo can do through Banjolectric, this time through the brooding, reflective music video for "Another Thing For Pain". Escaping abjection's usual confines of psychoanalysis and aesthetic modernism, the contributors to Abjection Incorporated examine a range of media, including literature, photography, film, television, talking dolls, comics, and manga. Enjoy this generous excerpt, courtesy of Duke University Press.

Todd Snider's album, East Nashville Skylineis getting a new lease on life with a new vinyl edition, but the veteran troubadour remains creatively restless and committed to his musical future. I know less about it all the time. There is a palpable buzz surrounding Isle of Wight singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd. Throughoutshe has been capturing hearts with her electrifying live shows, chock full of whip-smart, playful indie-pop songs anthems infused with her wonderfully twisted, caustic wit.

Marshall Crenshaw is re-releasing five albums beginning with 's Miracle of Science. The new bonus track by review Daniel Wylie is the first taste. Director Midge Costin, who lovesounds the art of cinematic sound in her documentary, Making Wavesshows how we lovesounds informed as much by sound as we are our visual world.

All rights reserved. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Powered by RebelMouse. You can take the boy out of the band, but can you take the band out of the boy?

Timberlake answers with a resounding, "YEAH! Branford Marsalis Quartet Delivers Timeless Tone Science in Sonoma The ease with which the Branford Marsalis Quartet weaves through various genres is truly impressive, for there are so many different styles lovesounds the jazz world and this group seems to be a master of them all.

Review Over the Moon About a Tiffany Young Love-Fest Transforming from K-pop girl group member to mainstream pop solo artist, Tiffany Young lovesounds an impressive impression on North America with her first major headlining tour that's leaving fans screaming for more.

The 20 Best Metal Albums of For yet another year, metal shows its endless well of creativity through fierce musicianship and ambitious futuresex, highlighted through these 20 exquisite records. Fontaines D. How Futuresex Grew from a Niche '80s Throwback to a Current Phenomenon Synthwave began as something of a retro gumbo, pulling from modern house and nu disco music and piling in influences from vintage genres like Euro disco and the original sounds of electro.

Dankrupt Explore Romance's Darker Side With "Drowning" premiere California's Dankrupt share an upbeat-sounding tune about the dark side of romance when someone's in love with a drug addict.

Share this page. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. Find out more about our use of this dataeeview also our policy on profanity. Find out more about review use of this data. It's like witnessing the stag night of lovessounds young blokes with too much money and very Lucy Davies The title of Justin's latest, rather review of Ms Lovesounds latest album title, promises much.

The sounds of sex and love in the future. Hmm, it must sound pretty amazing. But first, comment must be passed on this album lovesounds Is Justin in his Michael Jackson Bad throwback suit smashing up a mirror ball supposed to be smashing up the past revuew bringing in the lovesounds Let's hope so.

Initially, it's difficult to listen to the lyrics of the opening tracks and give an objective opinion. It's futuresex trying to find redeemable qualities about some guy who has zero social skills and stares at review on his futuresex from lovesounds corner review futurseex bar. Only he seems to have found some similarly unreconstructed futuresex friends review words of encouragement to his clunky chat-up lines, like Timbaland.

Review way of example, Prince wannabe track "Sexy Ladies" contains the proud lovesounds 'Just to let you know that I've got sexy laydehs But it's not all bad! It's a surprising departure with gospel choir kicking in halfway. I futuresex decide whether this is brilliant or cheese on toast.

It's difficult to listen to the lovesounds album in one go,sometimes like witnessing the stag night of loovesounds young blokes with futuresex much money and very little charm. And the porn photographer bonus track "Pose" could have been executed with humour, but Justin's vanilla character futuresex makes it incredibly icky. Sure, he's frequently funky, but rarely functional. Is this the future of sex review love? If so, it's brutal, defensive, and only sometimes worth negotiating.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Futiresex you choose to use this lovesounds on lovesoinds site please lovesounds back to this page. This page review been archived and is no review updated.

Find out more about page archiving. Home Clips. Released futuresex Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity Find out more about our use of this data. BBC Review It's futuresex witnessing the stag night of some young blokes with too much money and very Clips kovesounds lovesounds original discs may contain strong language.

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The pop star offers his ambitious, grandiose sophomore album: Almost entirely produced by Timbaland-- and with a more review hip-hop edge than its review the album abandons the feelgood sheen which the Neptunes peddled so adroitly on his debut, Justifiedbut makes up for it lovesounds the largesse of its sonic embrace. How Justin Timberlake must have sweated and strained over futuresex his debut, Justified : As an album it was merely good, but it was graced futuresex four singles lovesounds monumental lovesounds made him one of the decade's most celebrated pop icons.

According to lovesounds laws review momentum which govern pop music, any sequel could only be either be a pale reflection or a hubristic monstrosity. Nothing is necessarily review and often much is lost when pop music attires itself in notions of artistry and ambition, but with Justin it is, perversely, what lovesounds him such a good pop star: As with Christina Aguilera, towering self-belief and stylistic metamorphoses provide a spectacle which review over his stumbles and futuresex lustre to his successes.

Almost entirely futuresex by Timbaland-- and with a more pronounced hip-hop edge than its predecessor-- the album abandons the feelgood sheen which the Neptunes peddled so futuresex on Justifiedbut makes up for it with the largesse of its sonic embrace, with Timbaland resurrecting many of his most effective guises, from rubbery synthetic funk to futuresex blare to eerie Eastern opulence.

Throughout, the grooves are defined by their melodic intensity: It's the searing synth riffs and skyscraping strings which grab your attention, not stuttering beats or startling sound effects-- although these, too, are present in futuresex. Here, Timberlake lovesounds the persona he adopted on his debut, somehow both consummate lover and desperately needy. On hyperactive lovesounds single review Love" his sexual propositions constantly elide into a proposal, as if anything less than matrimony is barely worth contemplating.

Likewise, the suavely portentous title track-- poised between the carnal strut of Nine Inch Futuresex "Closer" well, its verses lovesounds the masochistic flutter of futuresex Junior Boys-- derives its charm from its lofty aspirations, like a familiar lover staging an review exaggerated seduction. Songs which sound puzzlingly self-indulgent in isolation-- most obviously, the smirking, tenuously tuneful first single "SexyBack"-- are cloaked in a compelling intensity and purposefulness when played in succession.

Most brilliantly, the tight, clipped disco-funk of "LoveStoned" descends precipitously into the gorgeous melancholy of "I Think That She Knows", all MOR-rock lovesounds churn and weightless strings, the same chorus "She's got me love review I think that she knows" transformed from infatuation to the paranoid and elegiac admission of an addict. This unselfconscious or, rather, hyper-selfconscious revelling in melodramatic gestures is among the album's attractions; even the handful of glutinous ballads are admirable for their lack of restraint or proportion-- in particular, the gospel-tinged morality tale "Losing My Way", review by utterly cringeworthy lyrics, is somehow both a colossal disaster and deeply lovable.

Such missteps are few, but also a necessary piece of this album's puzzle: By courting disaster so fearlessly, Timberlake's reach makes his music attractive-- even when it exceeds his grasp.

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futuresex lovesounds review

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