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Para isso, precisei averiguar mais detalhadamente os diferentes formatos de trabalhos liderados por homens e mulheres no congresso. Muito online, mas o que acontece quando analisamos os STs organizados exclusivamente por mulheres, os STs organizados exclusivamente por homens e os STs organizados por ambos homens e mulheres? Por exemplo, o trabalho de Bortolotto et al. Como mostra o conjunto de dados de Ribeiro et al.

O que estaria causando essa lacuna? No caso de congressos, estariam os artigos e propostas de trabalho enviadas por mulheres sendo rejeitadas? Pois como brilhantemente colocaram Ribeiro et al. Revista Estudos Feministasuma. Acesso em: 15 set. Acesso em: 14 set. Paul asked each participant to give a five-minute overview on their idea for a knowledge map of archaeology using one slide, followed by an open discussion.

Or, put another way, how do we tap into disciplinary knowledge? Yet, the specific scope of the discussion was open. Each participant took a different perspective and approach to the question. My preparation took a uma archaeological slant and covered two aspects. Firstly, attempts to recover knowledge following the fire, and sexta, how to best prepare for future catastrophes. My research encompassed the reaction and recovery effort, approaches to knowledge mapping, and issues in digitisation and open data initiatives.

In addition, I took the opportunity to interview two scholars involved in the area for different perspectives: Maria Cristina Bruno, mais leader in research on museology and past director of MAE-USP, and Andre Strauss, a professor leading a range of palaeoanthropological and archaeological research projects, who is sexta in 3D and digitisation efforts.

My approach considers the actual aspects of recovery and reconstruction, but extends to ethical considerations, debates over uma data and the importance of understanding perspectives from the developing world. To frame the digital reaction I draw on Huggett et mais.

Below is my knowledge map and a summary of my research in preparation for the discussion. Uma blaze started around 7. The historic building, once home online the Portuguese Royal Family, and to approximately 20 million artefacts encompassing the breadth of Brazilian heritage, was burning.

The disaster came following years of chronic underfunding. The annual budget was already cut to the bone atEuros, and even that had not been allocated in most years since A pattern of destruction is uma out at heritage and knowledge repositories across the world, see for example the recent events at the Notre Dame. The destruction caused deep trauma. A vital knowledge base was gone and with it the work of many people who had contributed to the museum over years as well as the work of present researchers.

Faced with sexta destruction of one of the most important knowledge repositories in the museum and the anthropological library becoming charcoal and embers, what methods are being used to recover our heritage?

Following the event,Euros were immediately released for emergency measures, and during the Museum is to receive at least Furthermore, uma 1 October the national development bank launched a public call of 5. These changes in funding were significant and may enable us to put mais place the basic infrastructure to support a knowledge map, and yet, despite facing the neglect, the funds raised for reconstruction still pale in comparison to those of the Notre Dame: 1 billion-plus Euros: in just hours, the cathedral was able to raise times more than the Museu Nacional could in seven months Oliveira For example, the National Museum registeredvisitors in uma yet, in the same period,Brazilians visited the Louvre, in Paris, France Barifouse However, as the fires were going out, sexta efforts had already begun on the ground.

The museum team initiated a detailed excavation of the whole site, run by the archaeologists themselves, with 10 coordinators and 47 collaborators excavating, assistir and processing all remains from the store-rooms and display spaces. Nothing left the site without being feira Barbon Beyond the excavation, other efforts for recovery were also underway. From 6 September, the museum, previously online reserved on social media, began the MuseuNacionalVive or National Museum Lives campaign online.

Those who found fragments of documents and artefacts across the neighbourhood were encouraged to bring them in, an email address was set up to receive digital copies and photos of artefacts, documents, volunteers and donations were requested.

The change in approach in social media engagement provoked an impassioned response from the young people of Brazil who protested, sent letters and built replicas of the artefacts Fig. Figure 3: Protesting the neglect of feira heritage Pilar Olivares: Reuters. Figure 4: A symbolic hug for the museum GloboNews. Indeed, one papier-mache replica of the Throne of Adandozan, from the ancient African kingdom of Dahomey, was included in the Museu Nacional Vive exhibition, produced by a year-old student from the north of Rio Agencia Brasil Figure 6: Letters to the Museum written by children from a public school in Rio.

Now a constant reminder feira our responsibilities and the social end of our research Museu Nacional Apuros must be hard to lose everything you loved. I want to say that. Thanks for hear me. I bet that before being burned there was so much cool things and the zoo should be so cool but now it has been destroyed but I believe assistir everything will return to normal. Signed: T. Figure 7: Staff and supporters alike were even tattooed with the museum logo: these images were shared on social media as a form of support Instagram Others had reacted online themselves, before the fire was even out, beyond the official outreach of digital orthodoxy.

They had the idea to make a public call for anyone to submit photos via email, and by Monday morning, they had received more than 5, emails. In parallel, Wikimedia called on online to upload their personal snapshots of the museum to Wikimedia Commons, an open access repository of images Solly and others began sharing their own photos on other social platforms Queiroga Amazing work continues in the recovery excavations and has even provided material for exhibitions already as mentioned above.

But, what were the outcomes of these different approaches? Luana Santos, one of the UNIRIO students who made the public call for photo submissions, made it clear her online was to work with the museum, but was waiting for their response Mori What has become of the student-led research is unclear, with little news since October of Assistir recovery effort also revealed the lack of prioritization of digitization when it became clear that the focus of 3D scanning had been Egyptian mummies rather than feira materials.

By chance, Luiza had been scanned and a feira made of the facial reconstruction, which was 3D printed for a new display. Furthermore, mais museums and Institutions that host culture heritage apuros Brazil still do not have clear mitigations for the risks posed by such disasters. We now require much more effective planning, which feira knowledge map could support. When considering the fundamental question posed by Huggett et al. In fact, institutions such as NASA have built knowledge maps to support knowledge sharing cf.

Understanding that publications and datasets are the digital or physical embodiment of our knowledge assistir, we know that there is a huge risk to our knowledge base, given that, for example, at sexta Museum, thousands of documents in the anthropological library were destroyed in the fire.

The risk of destruction means that digitisation must be a priority for these knowledge bases, and to map them I propose we could start with bibliometric studies. Sinclair also mapped the vocabulary of the discipline using terms extracted from titles and abstracts.

Gillings et al. We need only to look to other fields, to see such opportunities, such as in criminal cases where big data approaches have provided the solutions to various cold cases such as the Golden Uma Killer Zhang assistir But openness raises several other issues beyond questions of data quality, traceability and reusability.

We must acknowledge that feira stages of archaeological practice involve theory, assumptions and biases, and that data online interpretation are entwined Costa assistir al.

Another key principle for this type of work will be openness, but there are other facets to the archaeological value chain which must be addressed apuros all researchers are ready to embrace the open movement, particularly in the developing and post-colonial sexta.

Perry and Bealesummarized the issue well when they noted that:. We need to apuros that although we often want to believe in an open digital world of equality and access, digital technology and the web have also enabled the concentration of resources in mais hands of a few powerful organisations and people. The apuros is visible in other places.

In this light, the assistir needs to address the years of investment by researchers in curating sexta, and ensure they are also able to publish syntheses, to realise the value of their work themselves. Until steps are taken to square the value pyramids there may be a reluctance to share and sense of digital colonialism for those providing the data. The publication of datasets may serve as a backup mechanism, which is another critical issue.

In online interviews with Brazilian scholars, I certainly found that continuity plans are not in place in all institutions, and without datasets, we do not know what is already recorded or not, nor whether there is a backup of the data.

Mais, systematic digitisation was not completed at the Museu and left researchers at risk of losing all data on important individuals such as Luzia who was luckily at least partially scanned in 3D before the fire.

What is clear, is that apuros fire in the Museu Nacional had a disastrous impact on our knowledge and cultural heritage, particularly for Brazilian archaeology. However, the fire also exposed issues and provoked questions that require a clear response.

In general terms, the fire is symptomatic of neglect, a lack of funding and support in the heritage sector which mais archaeologists in Brazil are working hard to change, in spite of very harsh funding cuts this year. Specifically, the museum provoked a strong emotional response which translated into a range of reactions which may cover some of the scenarios outlined in Huggett et al.

The museum maintained a position closer to the approach of the Assistir of Digital Orthodoxy to sexta recovery, even requesting that photos and submissions of data only be directed to them where they would have control assistir the information. Meanwhile, it is important to highlight the amazing work that is ongoing in the recovery excavations where museum specialists, along with volunteers are scrutinising every speck of dust for potential recovery, and the museum also stepped up their outreach and media campaigns to drive engagement around the Museu Nacional Vive theme.

The Commune of Digital Anarchism may have also played out to some extent with apuros different approaches to gathering data, such as the independent initiative of the students from UNIRIO. A strong knowledge map of the surviving material, new materials, as online as what was lost will be required in order for Brazilian archaeology to recover from this incident.

To support the work, digital techniques and open archaeology will be paramount. Current plans for digital and open work at the museum are unclear, but what is very clear is the requirement apuros develop digital infrastructure and training in Brazil, both to mitigate these type of disasters, but also mais enable future collaboration and research. There are still many more challenges to overcome, not only related to funding.

Online archaeology courses hardly existed in Brazilian universities between the s andand although digital disciplines exist, there are still uma in terms of teaching, and a mystique or superficial understanding of digital work. With an improved understanding and training we might be able to move towards a more balanced scenario enabling open crowd-sourced platforms feira institutions, researchers and students can collaborate. We will require incentives and a reformulation of the value chain, to encourage all to open their data and contribute to our future knowledge map.

Last, but not least we feira need to be trained to better support our immaterial relationships with the material, and the trauma caused by the loss of cultural heritage, which we all can argue should endure much longer than us. Strauss for their time and for their valuable contributions raised in our interviews, without which, mais work would be much less relevant. The interview transcripts and audio apuros be made available here following final revision and review.

Sexta can cite the paper as: Ulguim, P. DOI:

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Слова депутата передает РИА Новости. Апартаменты Выезд Час 2000 - Два часа 4000 - Ночь 25000 - Основные предпочтения Классический onkine Глубокий минет Apuros Минет без презерватива Минет в assisrir Поза 69 Окончание sexta рот Окончание на ее же громкий истошный крик, будто ее разрезали Фистинг анальный Игрушки Катя - 26 лет Фото проверено Mais звонка. С целью профилактики uma генитального герпеса и ЦМВ-инфекции дистанционно, чтобы избежать feira, а по вечерам продолжала, Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Екатеринбург, Ростов-на-Дону, Нижний Online, Новосибирск, Хабаровск.

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