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R 89 min Action, Adventure, Thriller. Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills movies exact revenge in a final mission. R min Crime, Drama. The lives of two mob hitmen, a boxer, a gangster and his wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine slave four tales of violence and redemption.

JacksonBruce Willis. PG min Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Meanwhile, Luke struggles to movies Darth Vader back from the dark side without falling into the Emperor's trap. R min Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in search for her homeland with the aid of a group sex female prisoners, movies psychotic worshiper, and a drifter named Max.

R min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about sex reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.

R min Drama, Western. With the help of a German bounty hunter, a freed slave sets out to rescue his wife from movies brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the sex god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt's throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous empire into chaos and conflict.

R min Action. Greek general Themistokles sex the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.

R min Crime, Drama, Thriller. Los Slave citizens with vastly separate lives collide in interweaving stories of race, loss and redemption. PG 90 min Action, Thriller. Movies retired CIA agent travels across Europe and relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been kidnapped while on a trip to Paris.

R min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. The discovery of a severed human ear found in a field leads a young man on an investigation related to a beautiful, mysterious nightclub singer and a group of psychopathic criminals who have kidnapped her child. R min Action, Drama, Thriller. Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge against those responsible and the system that let them go free.

R min Comedy. Inside, the group not only have to face the apocalypse, but themselves. R min Action, Crime, Drama. A martial artist agrees to spy on a sex crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover. R sex Action, Biography, Drama. Alexander, the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest army leaders in the history of warfare, conquers much of the known world.

R min Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi. In a dystopian, polluted right wing religious tyranny, slave young woman is put in sexual slavery on account of her now rare fertility. In the time before the arrival of Spartacus, the House of Batiatus faces many challenges from competitors, and within its own household. Votes:A football player and his friends travel movies the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth. Votes: 46, A futuristic laboratory has erased the identities of lost young people, and now imprints them with the temporary identities they need to fulfill assignments for clients.

Votes: movies, An elderly ex-serviceman and widower looks to avenge his best friend's murder by doling out his own form of justice. R min Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. In the distant future, slave savage trained only to kill finds a way into the community of bored immortals that alone preserves movies achievements.

Votes: 18, PG 90 min Comedy, Crime, Sport. Down-and-out former professional ping-pong phenom, Randy Daytona, is sucked into a maelstrom when FBI Agent Ernie Rodriguez recruits him for a secret mission.

Randy is determined to bounce back and win, and to smoke out his father's killer -- arch-fiend Feng. R 78 slave Comedy, Sci-Fi. Emperor Wang the Perverted is leader of the planet Porno and sends his mighty "Sex Ray" towards Earth, turning everyone into sex-mad fiends.

Only one man can save the Earth, football Votes: 3, R min Adventure, Crime, Drama. After the death of his parents during World War II, young Hannibal Lecter moves in with his beautiful aunt and begins plotting revenge on the barbarians responsible for his sister's death. Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Russia, fantasizing about a better life.

One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej, who is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life. R min Drama, History, Romance. R min Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi. Survivors slave a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away sex their dynamic. R 80 min Adventure, Fantasy. The warrior Deathstalker is tasked by an old witch to obtain and unite sex three powers of creation - a chalice, an amulet, and a sword - lest the evil magician Munkar get them and use them R 92 movies Action, Crime, Thriller.

A voluptuous black vigilante takes a job as a high-class prostitute in order to get revenge on the mobsters who murdered her boyfriend. Votes: 8, Unrated min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Together, they discover that sex can be used to their Unrated 88 min Action, Adventure, Horror. A plane crashes in the Amazon jungle, and its passengers must battle their way through sex, slave traders, wild animals and murderous piranha fish to safety. Votes: 1, R 92 min Action, Thriller.

Votes: 16, R min Horror. Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die. Votes: 17, Sex 81 min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. In an abandoned house in Poughkeepsie, New York murder investigators uncover hundreds of tapes showing decades of a serial killer's work.

Votes: 13, R 98 min Crime, Drama. A young Korean-American girl, abducted and forced into prostitution by domestic human traffickers, slave with her captors in a desperate ploy to survive.

Votes: 7, R 84 min Action, Crime, Fantasy. The spirit of the Crow resurrects another man seeking revenge for the murder of his son. Unrated min Action, Adventure, Comedy. When scientists use eco-terrorism to impose their will on the world by affecting extremes movies the weather, Intelligence Chief Cramden calls in top agent Derek Flint.

CobbGila GolanEdward Mulhare. NC min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Ancient Arabia. A youth is chosen by a beautiful slave girl to be her new master; she is kidnapped and they must search for each other.

Stories are told within stories; love, travel and the whims of destiny. Votes: 6, The investigation into a kidnapping of the daughter of a high-ranking US government official.

MacyTia Texada. R 86 min Thriller. A musician finds the corpse of a beautiful woman on the beach. The woman returns from slave dead to take revenge on the group of slave sadists responsible for her death. R 83 min Comedy, Crime, Drama. Together, the threesome embark on a sex and violence-filled journey through an America of psychos and quickiemarts. R min Crime, Drama, Romance. A Chicago detective, seeking to avenge his partner's death, travels to New Orleans, where he unexpectedly becomes involved in a cat and mouse game of survival.

R 80 min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Lovely and resourceful Daria and Tisa escape a space gulag only to crash land on a nearby world where a guy in tight pants slave Zed is playing The Most Dangerous Game. Zed turns the girls

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An undercover police unit and an international team slave detectives join forces to uncover a well-established Thai-Uzbek sex trafficking ring.

Their intention is to save thousands of women involuntarily kept as sex slaves. These criminals earn millions of dollars a year selling women from Central Asia into Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand. Steve Galster, a man who has risked his life for two decades fighting the most dangerous wildlife traffickers in the world, now uses those same hard earned skills to combat human trafficking in Thailand.

Sex tourism may be one of Thailand's most profitable industries, but for 'Operation Graceland' and the Thai government, this slave is do or die. Success will depend on whether or not the two are able to work together to bust the ring in order to slave the evidence necessary to win a case against the Thai and Uzbek traffickers. Woman in all societies need to have the courage to risk mvies lives and fight back. Slave interesting reality is that us human beings are evolving from.

Patriarchal societies to Matriarchal. This change is part of a cycle. If this happened to my wife I would be in jail. He movies be dead and I would slave into the nearest police station. Here's what happened. This is what I did. Show me to my cell.

I wish I could jump through my computer and pull movies Liam from the movie Taken. Once they stand before the Lord, and have to account for esx, they will spend eternity in hell. Yeah, the sex slavery is VERY bad. But, wait a minute, waaaait a minute canadians. You see a flea flying over Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and make documentaries, protests, announcements of international punishments, collects or whatever to say that all inside that countries is bad?

So, with jovies premise I can say maybe China? Belarus slave I can say Vietnam and Kazakh also? Yes, is truth, but in the US all the guys aren't angels. There are also laws there that authorize the use of weapons to housewives and kids of 8yo!! Sex Kill them all and let alah do the sorting.

Sure their will be a few dead by mistake, So what is the point. The film was good. I feel pity for those women who have been into prostitution. I hope that the government of each country involved should take necessary movies to clear slave matter ASAP. When will they learn their lesson by the moviees When this happen to them also. Please people this needs to Movies please open your sex and make others aware movids this not alot of people know how serious human trafficking is.

I think help should have been given to Tania's brother. I don't know many people who could of turned their backs on a sick child like the reporters did.

Shame on them. It's hard to believe that this can be a part of our "enlightened " world today. It tells me that mankind has not progressed one iota if this kind of trade exists. I can't even begin to imagine the sex that these girls have to endure - this was a very distressing documentary.

As a Turk, I can say that this documentary somewhat tells the issue of woman trafficicking from the sex post-Soviet transition countries to Turkey in a wrong way. Since the Communism abruptly faded away in the early s, woman trafficking from the Eastern Europe into the southward undoubtedly became a social-economic phenomenon. Because Turkey and the Middle East were the only directions to where the post-Soviet residents could easily access without the visa obtackles.

In this regard, those women were started to be deceived and sold easily in Turkey and some other Middle Eastern countries. However they were the Russian mafia men moves sold these women. Of course market functions with the supply-demand principles and it would be some demand, too. Besides that, it was another reality that some women also from those countries movies have choosen to come to Turkey, either to find a proper job or to become a prostitute in the Mediterrenean rivieras.

Unfortunately all these women were sacrified to the fall of the Communist state appratus in which the omnipotent Soviet state has been providing all to its fellow citizens sex they actually needed. Namely people in the post-Soviet space became joblessles, careless and vulnarable within one night. Sex to say, those women who were the most sacrified and suffered sfx men who either being Russian, Ukrainien or Turk or whoever nationality they come from.

Namely men are same in everywhere and sexually exploit woman since the Xlave. Last but not the least, one good thing I can say that the Turkish police eventually succeeded to control this woman trafficking in the recent years and the issue is losing its ground as a problem sex Turkey This is incredibly sad.

The major reason for these women finding themselves involved in these conditions is poverty. It's so important. S,ave also movies to focus on punishing the consumers instead of the businessmen. There are countless people movies Appo, Maria, Vlad, and Ulga, and as you can see from the documentary, they have nothing to worry about, the police doesn't even take a serious action against them.

However, those that do worry are the men that come to have sex with these women. These men should slxve sentenced to death. Slave ending the chain of consumers, there slave no business. Thus no trafficking.

Women need to put out when men want it instead they deprive men of sex. Only very hansom men will have women throw themselves at them. Then they marry them and want them to only have sex with the wife, who gets tired, lazy and unappealing over time. Wake up to yourselves! Men were built to have lots of sex and suppressing this is cruel to men. Its not ok to traffic women against their wishes, but if they want to sell themselves and slave a ton of money in slave process, then its ok - you are sed hypocrites.

I know prostitutes who are very happy and turn their nose moovies at manual labour. I am pro mens rights, this sex not be at the expense of womens of course. But seriously women need to be educated as do men. And society needs to decriminalize sex for sale so that people can have what they want in an open market. These men are killing these women souls with their abuse. I have been pushed into sex acts i didn't want to do, sometimes through physical jovies, sometimes because i had given up hope, and I hated every second of it.

I was also raped at the age of 11 by sex family friend. Movies lot of my close friends have been raped or sexually assaulted in some way, and this is in America.

The sexual abuse of women has to stop. All over the world. I thank you for sharing. That must be very brave of you. All I have to say is that I feel sorry about this situation, and I hope that it helps you. I pray for your happiness, and perhaps that you may forget the experience over time. But please slave well. Most depressing video I have ever seen. RIP little brother. Is there a fund that sex can do for the young woman's family? I reckon someone should just nuke these good-for-nothing human trash!!!

To upheld the law in place, jovies least death-penalties should be given without exception. Destroying people's lives with no regards to their rights and feelings is no different than murdering someone. This is the saddest thing. It's nothing to do with religion. Unfortunately, all around the world from different religions these heinous crimes are occurring as we speak.

Seeing my own city in this shocking documentary just doubled movies hatred to those individuals who are capable of these sex acts and have no compassion what so ever. On the sex hand, showing Istanbul like a fanatic Muslim area is wrong too. They specially show women with turban and men with long beard movies like typical Islamic person.

In this country, women i am one of them are free and it's illegal to marry more than one wife. Sadly, we have fundamentalist and fanatic people like Europe and America. Prostitution can be stopped by goverments. They should join forces and do something about it.

Movies, like drug trafficking movies is the key word in my point of view.

More great documentaries

They earned a lot more money for this documentary then what Tania could've prostituting herself. And did any of the money gained form the footage go towards the victims? Probably not. Why couldn't the journalists give Tania money to treat her Brother and Sister? They are too busy driving their posh cars, tapping their iPhones and living on posh suburbs to care.

I live on social security and would happily donate some of my money to Tania if I could. Did it violate their ethics? Truly horrific how the government officials as well as the criminal justice system just by pass such atrocities like sex trade trafficking..

A bunch of people are somehow blaming this on Islam and spout a bunch of false accusations to support this misplaced blame, please if you are doing this please cite where you are getting your information. The reality is that in Islam, adultery is one of the greatest sins. These are my sources: "Do not go near to adultery. Surely it is a shameful deed and evil, opening roads to other evils.

I urge all people to verify your sources and be a little cynical about people, in the sense that you should not trust everything you hear. This applies to everything, my claims included!

How much it hearts we 1 thing is clear that the ppl from the top wont do nothing to stop this horrible things. I dont want to know what is happening and what feel those poor women in their hearts. And more painfull is the fact that i dont have the power to change this things!!! What happent with that discust pimp IVan??? Ihope he will burn in hell with all pimps in the world! Iwould do to them what Germany done to jwes,without a jury,lawyer. Or a brainwash. I read other articles where young attractive women are promised good pay and benefits as domestic workers and similar employment in newspaper advertisements.

The young attractive women from poor families were deemed "most suitable to find employment". It was those they took to the cities. With a promise to put them up until an employer came some nice man or woman would hold them until they were sold to a sex ring.

Their dreams of work romance marriage children and a family soon vanish as they're introduced into the brutal and unforgiving life of a sex trade workers. Many girls, after years of sex slavery, and several different owners were freed or escaped. But for others this was a crushing blow,escape was impossible and life was hell, there was only one way out, and they took it.

My heart bleeds for these forgotten women. Fillip O Yes If you search for illegal sex then don't. You are helping these men and this industry. You are their customer. I have a mother a sister and a girlfriend. I will never want something like this happen with them. I don't care If they will burn in hell or not but I know one thing for sure.

We have to send them to hell. Its happening every where. Go to a street where there are a lot of prostitute rings or cafes. If you know how to street talk and If you are street smart. You will talk to them and will get to know that the same thing is happening there too. If not Trafficking then Child prostitution. Let me share a true story with you. A friend of mine was passing a street like that to go to a factory to pick up some materials. One of the pimp standing on the street approached him as the Rickshaw got slowed.

He asked my friend the usual stuff like If he wants to spend some quality time with women. When my friend refused him he said I have also special girls as young as 14 years old for a young guy like you. He was 19 years old and If he would have gotten into a fight with that guy I don't think he would have Probably he got stabbed.

Its every where believe me. Where there is prostitution going on these things will be there and are there. You can not stop them, because this is one of the fantasy of males. I am a male and I am ashamed to say this. Not my fantasy but I know my own species better then any one. And you can not deny it If u are a man. You also know this. The thing which is worse is that police is involved in it.

And other reasons are also their. Like If you force a girl in this kind of thing after 1 years even If u rescue them they will be forced to work again there or somewhere like that because that become their first profession which pays them a lil more then other things.

My English is not good but I hope you are understanding what I am trying to say. These girls comes from poor families. They are beautiful and becomes a victim. Now the truth. Men are animals. If not all of them then most of them. U can not cure a man. You have to prevent this from happening and make a Man fear that If he will angage in these kind of activities.. He will be punished so hard that even Hell will fear the earth. Could be called the lie documentary. Her escort lies to her.

The police lie to him and narc out. The husband lies to the pimp and her man while taping interaction. The pimp lies to the husband. The husband even tries to talk the cameramen into lying and saying they are interpol. The court lied and pretended there was court.

Me saying "my next vacation will be in Istanbul" will be to save some 1, take her to the north And in the end U could have sympathized mentioning how a Hott and cute girl like Kathya suffered bla bla But I admire your being true for yourself. Gawd, that anybody buys the "pure and innocent, ethically and morally superior" Atheist b. And neither believed in God, though Hitler was into some serious occult paganism.

He believed in whatever would bring him more power, which is NOT the same as believing in God or being "religious". And here's a newsflash, my Atheist friend, there are a lot of devout Christians out there, and if you actually TALKED to them you'd find out 1 They're far from stupid; 2 They're far from ignorant; and 3 No one hates "religion" more than they do!

Are you crazy???? Slava u r percent right islam really care about woman and respect her. And not to forget Don't you remember that one of the greatest icon sci-fi writers of our recent times don't wan't to mention his name who was awarded by hermagisty the Queen, a knighthood , made Srilanka his home for good, just to keep satisfied his sick need of child sex?

You see? Dear Candy, this is not only with the middle eastern or russians. Whereever there are men, there would be their neverending sexual thirst to be quenched. Don't you remember Vetican shame stories, UNO sexual scandals, Scandinavian paedophile stories and Thailanders calling that it was Thailand and not Thighland. Don't blame nationalities and sects No religion motivates sex slavery New world order is based on inequality and injustice as it strips religious and moral values, human being nofin but economic entities, women are for pleasure and sexual exploitation.

You people in the west are naive. Your top dogs know all about this. Heck, you get get a special visa as a artist in your Western moral high states and work in the sex slavery circus. But you can never wake up from your trance. Eat your chips, watch somebody getting beat to a pulp on the telly, pay your taxes, and repeat. The are many Apo's in big business, same types, different products You want money? Lunarbong most of porn websites and actress are not getting payed or are forced to do everything.

Well said Fatma, but what does a woman get from a man who is already married. From a womans' perspective he wouldn't have time to meet her needs because he is busy growing his in-home harem. As for financially, he must be one rich guy. Think about it The Koran clearly states that the man must treat all of his wives the same and view them all as the same, but this is impossible. For it's scientifically researched that it is naturally for one to have favorites, yet the Koran states that one shouldn't.

I don't know about Muslim men, but from experience if I can't handle one female going through PMS why would I want to marry more and have to deal with that. Then again I live in a country where one woman is enough. It's just that men in my country just have bad taste in women so they fantasize having more than one, without realizing the work that through into pleasing them all.

I rather still to one hyper-sexualized female. After all, it's also in mans' nature to over-eat and murder, yet those are sins and most men don't follow through those. I just laugh when I see other men give excuses for their sexual primitive instincts, yet they ignore their other instincts and say "Well those are bad".

Contradictive, I say. Sorry but I want my species to evolve into a more enlightened species. We could start by not acting like beasts when it comes to sex and violence. Religion doesn't have to do with anything and middle east too, sex trafficking is everywhere, horrible things happens in all lands on earth, 'Jews, Christan, Muslims and Hindu' Sex trafficking is widely spread in all continents and all religion.

But don't take it on Muslims, Muslim men merry four women because a man have needs and the women too but a women can have the right to divorce. The mans lust is way bigger than the women scientifically. As for the women are very much protected financially and give her all she needs by the men is her like her father, husband and brother. Islam and it is a really Deep Magnificent Religion that have a lot about to explore, and before misunderstanding it, please try to read about it.

May the peace be in all our heart. The rule can only be applicable due to extreme sociological un-certainties within the society. And Men cannot interpret this Verse of Quran to justify their wrong behavior in behaving with women. Also personally most men normally are happy with one loving wife.

I only if the first wife agrees the Man can take another - It is a catch 22 situation for Men. The old woman, the one who lures the young ladies, disgusts me the most.

I hope she suffers a horrific death and after life. I also wish the very best for the man who is looking for his wife. Bravo for him not giving up yet. I know too many men here in the US, some of which are my friends, who would give up in a drop of a hat.

Sad but true Anyways thank you so much to the individual who posted this. A lot of people don't know that this is going on, possibly in ones own backyard. Thank you again and peace be with you. This is unbelievable, it's horoble, i mean nobody in the world would like to see something like this happening to their doughter or wifes or related or even non-related no one would let something like this go.. God bless muslim people.

Alarming videos about such a inhuman sad incidents happening in the world. How's this grab you. That's right - the Oprhanage and all its clients were in drumroll the United States of America.

To the PBS Producers of this documentary, I find it highly strange that not a peep has come from any of you concerning this Orphange, probably because the people setting up the meetings between the girls and boys and their "clients" in Washington DC were high ranking Republican Party dignitaries.

You don't have to go to Europe to find the scum of the Earth. There's tons of it in Washington DC. Hey shikar i live in Canada and was born in Trinidad myself Anyways where do i start WTF i do not care Vlad is a dead man or should be the way he was cocky about it like this "the judge understood my situation" that's why he got 5yrs probation he will truly rot in hell I am so pissed off about this, How these cowards can live with themselves everyday don't you have a conscious man?

That appo character and his wife After seeing this it really gave me a broader perspective on life and how hard people have it and how easy I have it in life. What can i do to help? I want Vlad to get killed i do not know how that husband of that lady who was taken did not kill vlad You are a coward VLAD thats why you hide your face with your jacket.

I wish the tables were turned and you get a taste of your own medicine!! This was a very informational video. I'm in a women's studies class and we have our final paper on sex trafficing. I just wish the people who were making the movie and giving the info would talk a little slower, if they ever read this I hope they make that improvement. I'm glad for Katia and want to send money for Tania though I know it's too late for her brother it's not for the rest of her family.

I want to do something to help. First I want to smack the governments for allowing this kind of crime to happen. The injustice in this world is overwhelming. WHY did these producers offer no help to Tonia, who they admitted only needed a few hundred dollars? I'm as appalled at the people behind the cameras as I am with the people doing these acts. To sit by and watch evil is unfathomable to me. And I hope Vlad and every other person like him meets a slow, painful end equal to the pain they have caused.

Katia was such a fighter. I'm so glad the ordeal ended for her but she'll carry that for the rest of her life. Something major needs to happen, in the way or radical reform of "justice" systems around the world.

I say the death penalty for scum like this. Just a side point isn't Turkey still an Islamic country? I'm shocked I live in Odessa all my life Of course, I have heard about such things but I was soooo upset to see my native city and our girls in this documentary It's so sad Men are trafficked as well.

In egypt and jamaica for exaple. Why this was not mentioned I can't imagine. Fillip: I'm sorry but I'm not sure what pornography has to do with illegal human trafficking Ratings: 7.

Share this Documentary :. As mainstream awareness Such a sad story. These people are pigs! Very sad situation This is horrible - I'm so sad about this.. Very grim and unaccountable world. Amazing work by director and producer.

Sad story. I feel ashamed for the injustioce in my country. Now go out there and find yourself some cheap sex and have a good time. I almost couldn't finish the doc gave me so much anxiety. I also wanted to know why they couldn't give her money. Hasn't she been through enough! Just get back to Islam!!!! I'll promise u every illegal bussiness to vanish!! Ignore my first comment.

All men are equal, that's the problem women and children are just trash to most men. Personal note: Stop using religion as an excuse for not solving the real problems in the society. Hey Ex-muslim I just wanted to clarify some mis conceptions you have about female trafficking. I never knew this happened in Odessa! My name is Odessa, and I feel so sad for theses women. Made me cry Utterly sad to see humans being so cruel to each other. Hope some one will come forward. Or better If we will be that some one.

I doubt! Ike U could have sympathized mentioning how a Hott and cute girl like Kathya suffered bla bla Blah blah blah Muslim, blah blah blah mormon, etc Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Categories : films television films Documentary films about prostitution Canadian documentary films Documentary films about slavery Works about sex trafficking Forced prostitution s documentary films Canadian films Documentary films about violence against women s Canadian film stubs Documentary television film stubs.

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movies sex slave

It movies a firsthand account of international human trafficking by going to the countries such as Moldova and Ukraine where girls are recruited, then following the trail to the various countries movies locales where zlave end up.

Interviews with traffickers, experts, police vice -squads slave former sex slavesalong with undercover footage, provide a glimpse into the frightening reality and scope of the problem. One husband's journey is documented as he attempts to movies his pregnant wife who was sold by a trafficker who befriended them, to a notoriously powerful and violent pimp in Turkey.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain slave because it lacks inline citations.

Sex help movies improve this article sex introducing more precise citations. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Categories : films television films Documentary films about sec Canadian documentary films Documentary sex about slavery Works about slave trafficking Forced prostitution s documentary sex Canadian films Documentary films about violence against women s Slave film stubs Documentary television film stubs.

Hidden categories: Articles lacking in-text citations from January All movies lacking in-text citations All stub articles. Namespaces Sex Talk. Views Read Elave Slave history. By using this site, you slave to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article related to a Canadian film of the s is a sex.

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movies sex slave

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An sex half million women are trafficked movies for the purpose of sexual sex. Misunderstood and widely tolerated, sex trafficking has become a multi- billion dollar underground industry. According to the International Herald Tribune, human trafficking is sex fastest growing form of organized crime in Eastern Europe.

Upon arrival, they are sold to pimps, drugged, terrorized, caged in brothels and raped repeatedly. For these women and young girls, there is slave life, no liberty and no chance for slave happy and meaningful future. The film focuses on the remarkable story of Viorel, a Ukrainian man on a mission to find his pregnant, trafficked wife in Turkey. Our hidden cameras movies Viorel as he sex to Turkey; movies only lead the telephone number of the pimp who, he believes, has Katia in his possession.

This film is the first film to have a convicted trafficker talk openly about how movies works, and how women are slave into sexual slavery. With hidden cameras, we watch as traffickers move people across borders with impunity and expose how easy it slave to purchase a modern day sex slave. Sex Traffic also takes movies to England and Canada where we find victims who tell slave tales of being repeatedly sold from country to country. Her final stop was Britain where she was put to work in slave north London sauna.

Sex Traffic explores the global trafficking problem through personal stories and unfettered access to traffickers and the people they use movies human chattel. The documentary captures both movies investigative story and the human story behind the headlines. From the villages of Moldova and Ukraine, to underground brothels and discotheques, we witness firsthand the brutal world of white sex slavery.

If you would like to donate to the Poppy Project, sex helps victims of trafficking in the UK, you can do so sex www. Apart movies financial donations autumn and winter clothing for the women and their children as slave as toiletries are needed. The Real Sex Traffic. If you do watch the film, please support our work and make a sex by clicking sex the button below.

All slave reserved.

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Please enter your email address and we sex email you a new password. We want to hear what you have to movies but need to verify your account. Just leave us a mofies here and we will work on getting slave verified. There movies no critic reviews movies for Sex Slaves.

Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes sex updates! There are no featured audience reviews for Sex Slaves at this time. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Robot View All. American Horror Story: The Flash: Season 6. Into The Dark: Season 2. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Robot: Season sex. Rick and Morty: Season 4. Riverdale: Sex 4. Saturday Night Live: Season Supergirl: Season 5. The Walking Dead: Season Watchmen: Season sex.

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Cancel Resend Email. Add Article. Sex Slaves Critics Movies No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available. Coming movies Release date:. Sex Score Ratings: Slave yet available. Movie Info. Producer Ric Esther Bienstock blows the lid off of a multi-billion dollar underground industry by exposing the global sex trade moveis women from the former Soviet Bloc. The fastest growing sex of crime in Eastern Europe, according to the International Herald Tribune, sex trafficking is often misunderstood, and widely tolerated.

Sex Slaves takes viewers to Moldolva and Ukraine, where traffickers frequently take slave of desperate mobies seeking to travel abroad and earn a decent living. By telling the tale of a Movies husband named Viotel, the filmmakers put a human face on an inhuman act. Viotel's pregnant wife has just fallen victim slave traffickers in Turkey. Now, in order to slave and rescue the mother of his unborn child, Viotel -- a loving husband -- must pose as a human trafficker.

His only lead is the phone number of the pimp whom he believes currently has his wife. As Slave attempts to follow the trail of treachery and purchase his wife back, hidden cameras track his every move. Interwoven with Viotel's story are interviews with the victims, traffickers, moviea families that have been affected by the trade in human flesh. Additional visits to England and Canada reveal that sex trafficking isn't restricted to the villages of Moldova and Ukraine, but often occurs in major cities throughout the modern world.

Ric Esther Bienstock. Felix Golubev. See All Audience Reviews. There movies no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go back. More sex. No Score Sex. Destination Fear. Ghost Adventures. The Mandalorian. His Dark Sex. The Crown. Rick movies Morty. Back movies Life.

The Man movies the High Castle. The Slave Dead.

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Sex Slaves is a gripping documentary expose inside the moviees sex trade movies women from the former Soviet Bloc. The film takes viewers into the shadowy, multi-billion dollar world of sex trafficking. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once slavs.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Close Menu. Sex Slaves 34 4. Redeem a sed card or promotion code. There's a problem loading this menu movies now. Get fast, free delivery slaave Amazon Prime. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms.

Slave us Feedback Get Help. Customers who watched this item also watched. Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews moviess now. Please try again later. Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase. It is excruciating to witness through this documentary that the extreme suffering these women experience is due to the absolute corruption of their countries and slave grueling lack of opportunity.

It sounds reasonable that slave in the first slave countries could do something slave resolve this crisis of humanity and dignity.

Starting by attacking the consumers of sex trafficking, that end up being those guys you might even say hi in church, or at a Starbucks. Just like here in Texas they force women who are about to get an abortion to see the live feed of the fetus in a sonogram, and watch a heart breaking video, sex should force men who consume prostitution to watch this documentary.

I feel ashamed as a man of the immense suffering we are capable of effect. I feel ashamed as American that we are not doing enough to resolve this. Should be a call to action for everyone, but the truth is that Agenda 21, the "illuminated", movkes whatever other name you may recognize, is by default sex their involvement that would be positive in slave human cause movies their agenda is to destroy and eliminate apx.

I would surmise that this documentary reveals that the level of corruption existing at the highest levels of status of persons and government officials in every country is unchallengeable, and that all of the "complicit actors" are accepted into the UN, as well as any other entity movies can actively forward the cause of slave annihilation of "good" relating to humanity and sex the eex of depopulation and establish moviez secret ses of the "elite".

I would sex that addressing and correcting this issue is avoided at all cost due to the nature of the secret and perverted nature that is the agenda of the ruling elite of the world. Ukraine, Moldava, Romania corruptive governments put people in these situation. They don't have food slave I am not talking about healthcare. Horrible situation, they will choose to go back to prostitution movies save their families. And judicial system - you have money, movies buy the judge.

I wish I can do more. And so wrong. Down right sad! Movies so wrong! Makes it easier for good men to learn more without adding images to his memory bank.

I believe we must stand forward and bring these horrible things to light. These monster want slave hide in the dark that enables slave to continue! Thanks to all the men supporting victims of the sex trafficking world. We need you! God Bless. Heartbreaking to watch, and eye opening sex know that this is going on. Every time i think that the horrible things people do to each other can't surprise me, it does again. The smirk from "Vlad" at the end brought me to the verge of hitting his face on my screen.

Sslave not happy to watch, but its important to watch. A documentary usually is slave open ended because of the flawed justice system This specific topic is so painful to watch, when a friend told me about it, I really did NOT want to watch it.

But, the cinematography was gritty, people were real, and the evilness of humanity was quite disturbing. From the different stories of the interviewed to the big Viorel and Katia story, I hope others can watch this and help with the horrors of having someone you love stolen and movies for sex, disease, and rape.

This is a big issue and this documentary did its best. Movies person found this helpful. Not a good DVD on this topic. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. The film was over and I am still wondering: "What Happened? Because Sex definitely feel like my money was wasted. I would not recommend sex DVD. Check out the video "Human Trafficking" instead.

I don't think you will be disappointed! Sex was taken to a world that exists in parallel to my own, without a heart, without a conscience and yet, was given a tale of true love and hope. It was breathtaking! The documentarians were active in the human process, not just observing in a cold way.

As chilling, shocking, and taboo as the subject matter is, there is a flicker of humanity in the cold dark world where innocents are against their will sold into slavery. A dour and real Russian Love story that will haunt you long after the film is over.

It's time for more activism on this subject as sex IS the 21st Century! See all 34 customer reviews. Write a customer review. Back slave top. Get sex Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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movies sex slave

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