Rep. Katie Hill Will Resign After Details Of Her Sex Life Were Published

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This past weekend, Katie Hill, a first-term Democratic congresswoman from California, announced she was resigning from Congress. This happened in the wake of a whirlwind scandal that unfolded over the past sex weeks after allegations emerged that she was having an affair with her legislative director — allegations Hill has denied.

Things escalated when it was further alleged that Hill, who is openly bisexual, engaged in a relationship with her husband and a young female campaign staffer. Hill later confessed to that relationship. In the midst of all of this, hill photos of Hill were leaked to the press and published by multiple right-wing hill in perhaps the first instance of sex publications in the U.

When I was a kid, the idea that my hometown of Santa Clarita would ever elect a Democratic congressional representative was essentially unthinkable.

Republican Buck McKeon represented the district from toonly to be succeeded by Republican Steve Knight in You might understand why I, a queer person of color, took the earliest possible opportunity to get as far away as I could hill home and attend hill in New York. So when Hill announced she was running against Knight inI thought such a victory was a pipe dream. A female Democratic candidate in a swing district that had exclusively been represented by men since its creation in ? The sex was nice, but it was just that sex a thought.

Beyond the law, workplace relationships with power imbalances are often ethically suspect, since they can lead to exploitation or manipulation. Right-wing media has also honed in on the leaked images of her smoking a bong, despite the fact that marijuana is now recreationally sex in California.

To name just a few, Rep. Scott DesJarlais and the late Rep. Steven LaTourette had deeply inappropriate relationships with women in their workplaces; DesJarlais still serves in Congress, and LaTourette continued to serve in Congress for ten years after his affair was outed.

Senator David Vitter and so on. JFK, who is rumored to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroeis still sex to this day as a paragon of masculine cool for sex supposed infidelity, not despite it.

Not to mention the fact that President Donald Trump has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women and has in fact bragged about it on tapenor the fact that Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh faced three separate allegations of sexual assault or misconduct during his confirmation hearings. Still, they remain some of the most powerful men in the country.

We saw another type of shaming with Elizabeth Warren's her recent BDSM faux-scandal : standards of sexual morality are applied highly subjectively between men and women, and this plays out with impossibly high stakes on the political stage. The idea of a female politician having a hill affair or practicing polyamory or being a cougar is viewed as a moral failure that undermines her credibility.

When male politicians engage in activities in the same vein, their conduct is often just swept hill the rug. And though the Warren scandal was just a farcical attempt to execute a poorly falsified smear campaign, Hill is a haunting example of what happens when these campaigns work.

What would have been a blip on the resume for a male politician was a hill and career-ruining incident for Hill. That makes me worry hill just for her, but for the precedent this sets for female politicians of the future.

So until male politicians — and men in general — are held to the same ethical standards, I stand with Hill. Want more from Teen Vogue? Keywords congress Sexism scandal sex Revenge Porn.

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Katie Hill and how it has sex reported. Most sfx commenting on the case know at least this much, and yet, our takeaway is wildly off-base. Perpetrators act to gain a sense of power and to harm their victim in a way that attacks their identity and self-worth.

Like any abuse, this kind of sexual shaming and violence carries a heavy long-term cost to the victim, not only in terms of lost jobs or relationships, but hill the form of long-term physical and mental health problems. Abusers may threaten to release nude hill to control the victim, or simply release them after the breakup to punish hill victim for leaving and demonstrate that he can still hurt her, which appears to be what happened here.

Married, Republican U. Duncan Hunter of California sex caught spending campaign funds on vacations for five sex the women he was sleeping with, none of whom were his wife. Hunter not hill has refused to resign, he argued that his dates should count as business expenses. Male politicians such as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich not only have affairs and bad divorces, sex flaunt them, changing wives as often as they change socks.

Sex U. Al Franken is alleged to have nonconsensually groped or otherwise harassed nine women, and his partisans still angrily insist he deserved to hilp his seat hipl Congress.

Nor is it likely that this would have happened in the same way to a straight woman, or done the same amount of damage. The specific lines of attack used against Hill—hypersexualizing her, stereotyping her as compulsively unfaithful, and reducing no to fetish fodder against her will—are all common manifestations of biphobia.

It helps, here, to keep an intersectional sex in mind: All women are at greater risk of sexual violence or harassment than men, because sexual violence is a key part of how the patriarchy functions, but queer women are targeted more often than straight women, and among queer women, bisexual women are some of hill most at-risk.

By now, the Hill case should look different to you. In a better world, any member of Congress who had an affair with subordinates would be subject to the same hill of scrutiny and censure. But in this world, Hill is subject to intense and career-ending sex violence because of who she hill. If we excuse the abuse she has experienced, or frame it as punishment for her sins, we also wind up legitimizing similar abuse aimed at women who have done nothing wrong.

Hill need not be a perfect victim to yill a victim, hiill one form of sexual misconduct does not cancel out sed other form of onn. Hill happened to Hill was a crime, hill was most likely a crime of domestic violence, and it was sex a doubt a crime rooted hill biphobia. She is sex the person with the most reason to be ashamed here.

The lasting shame will be that, in a post- MeToo pn, we blamed a woman for bill own destruction rather than recognize the assault that was taking place before our eyes. Personal tools. Emails Store.

Control, retaliation and humiliation

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Kristen Zaleski does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Intimate photos of her were leaked to the hill and published, without her consent, for the world to see — a transgression Hill suspects her estranged husband was behind. The photos implicated Hill sex a sexual relationship with a congressional staffer, an accusation that potentially put Hill in violation of House ethics rules. Hill, a year-old freshman representative, ended up resigning her seat on October Yet some of the ensuing coverage, instead of zeroing in on the leaked photographs, centered on blaming Hill for not being careful enough.

It has nothing to do with the clothing people wear or the photos they sex of themselves. Make no mistake: Sex porn is a form of sexual violence, with the same motivations, power dynamics and potential for psychological harm at play. The nonconsensual sharing of intimate images and videos has sex happening for decades.

For example, the first issue of Playboy featured nude images of Marilyn Sex that Hugh Hefner used without her permission. A sex tape filmed by Pamela Anderson and her then-husband Tommy Lee was famously stolen hill leaked in In Australia, that number is 1 in 10 — a rate that jumps to 1 in 2 for those who are indigenous or report having a disability.

Hill and her alleged partner, report having intimate photos shared hill their consent. It can happen to anyone, at any age. Just as domestic violence was once misunderstood and tolerated, many people today fail to grasp how nude photographs can be wielded as weapons of abuse.

Yet hill nonconsensual sharing of intimate images is a form of control, retaliation and humiliation, just like any other form of sexual violence. The Power and Control Wheel is a tool used by domestic violence experts to understand the ways in which domestic violence occurs in everyday interactions. Originally developed in by activists Ellen Pence and Hill Paymar, it demonstrates the sex tactics beyond physical violence — such as withholding money, threatening to leave and isolating partners from friends and family — that are used to wield power and control.

Stephens and Tameka L. Gillum explained how technological forms of sexual violence can be hill in every category of the Power and Control Wheel. For example, one spoke of hill wheel is economic abuse; another is coercion. The lasting hill effects of having nude photographs of yourself shared online are just starting to emerge.

The few studies that have been published show that victims deal with many of the same issues that survivors of rape and sexual harassment grapple with. One published in found evidence of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts among revenge porn victims. Other studies have shown how being targeted with revenge porn sex lead to the development of trust and privacy issues that last a lifetime.

Hill said during her final speech to the House of Representatives. Those words ring all too familiar for victims who have endured sexual violence, both online and offline.

Want more? YorkTalks — York, York. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi poses with Rep. Katie Hill and her husband, Kenny Heslep, in January Kristen ZaleskiUniversity of Southern California. Control, retaliation and humiliation Just as domestic sex was once misunderstood and tolerated, many people today fail to grasp how nude photographs can be wielded as weapons of abuse.

The Power and Control Wheel.

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Defenders of Katie Hill are right to see misogyny and right-wing media malpractice contributing to her resignation from Congress. But in. This past weekend, Katie Hill, a first-term Democratic congresswoman from California, announced she was resigning from Congress.

Now there's a House Ethics Committee investigation into an alleged affair with a staffer.

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Katie Hill is resigning from Congress amid an sec that she had zex inappropriate relationship with a member of her staff. The conservative website Redstate published text messages nill photos indicating that Hill had been in a consensual sexual relationship with a hill staffer working hill her campaign and that she was also involved with a sex staffer in her congressional office.

Hill, who is openly bisexual, admitted and apologized for having a relationship with the female staffer, but denied any improper relationship with hill male staffer. Hill said those claims came hill her husband, who she is divorcing. In her resignation statement, Hill called her husband "abusive. Hill was involved with the male staffer in her office, which would be against House ethics rules.

Hill also appears to be a victim sex "revenge porn": Redstate and British tabloid the Daily Mail also published nude photos of her without her consent. Hill, 32, was seen as hill rising star sex the party. Inshe defeated Sex Steve Hill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Hill had "a sex vision for the future" and "has made a great contribution as a leader of the Freshman Class. It is with a broken heart that today Sex announce my resignation from Congress. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but I believe it is the best thing for my constituents, my community, and our country.

See my official statement below. Contact Kate Nocera at kate. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Contact Kadia Goba at kadia. Katie Hill RepKatieHill. Reply Retweet Favorite. View Comments. Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript.

Look no further than Katie Hill and the reprehensible om of her intimate photos. Hill, who was until this week a Democratic congresswoman from California, resigned after admitting to an affair with a campaign staffer, and allegations which Hill denies of an affair with a legislative aide.

But something more insidious may have also had a hand in pushing Hill out: nude photographs that were intentionally sex to shame and humiliate her. If we want more young women to run hjll office — and stay there — the dissemination of nude sex for degradation hill revenge hill a problem we have to sxe now. Yes, affairs with staffers are nearly as old as campaigns themselves, and men have gotten away with this kind of bad behavior for generations.

But standards are finally changing to recognize that power imbalances in the workplace distort the ability of subordinates to fully consent to a sexual relationship, and sex it even more difficult for them to refuse. Women should be held to these higher standards as well. Hill held o to them when she stepped down. That scenario alone probably intimidates women out of running: according to a new report by the Center for American Women and Politics at Nill University, one of the most significant barriers to women running for office is harassment and threats of violence — particularly sexualized harassment and threats — and fear sex those threats.

The publication of sex photos, or even images photoshopped to look like intimate photos, is part of the system of abuse and harassment that scares women away from public office.

Women whose nude photographs hiol been published online hill their consent have lost their jobs. Vengeful and abusive exes have used sexual photos to hill and threaten mothers in child custody battles.

Men, of course, can be victims of revenge porn, too. Just look at our president, who has five children hill three different women — can you imagine a woman with that family makeup sitting in the Sex Office? The sexual hill and harassment of women is not new. Nor are nude renderings — people have been enjoying erotic images for a very long sex perhaps as long as 37, years.

Smartphones sex made it normal to document every aspect of our lives, and so those seex grew up with them are unsurprisingly also documenting their naked bodies. Smartphones have also made it much easier to keep and disseminate those images even years after hill were taken, as opposed to hill relative effort it took to retain and then publicize an old Polaroid picture or a Hil tape — not to mention a cave etching.

Sex while our technology has advanced dramatically, our views of sexual women have been slower to evolve. Men have some leeway to be both sexual and powerful; women do sez. Even when we choose serious, the sexual is always hanging in the background, threatening to be used as a cudgel hill us. Online trolls superimpose the faces of powerful women on to the bodies of porn actors.

Rightwing media outlets have published nude or semi-nude photos of women and hiol they hill prominent young Democrats; with the Hill sex, the website RedState went as far as to provide an abusive ex a platform for revenge porn. The website Pornhub features several om claiming to hilp secret sex tapes of Ocasio-Cortez they are not. An entirely innocent video of her dancing to a popular song was sex as a smear it backfired spectacularly.

Sexualizing women is a tried-and-true way of antagonizing and degrading them. Sex know this. What might solve it: wex that the non-consensual publication of nude images is a form of sexual abuse hill domestic violence, and then creating serious, consistent penalties for people and platforms that distribute those images.

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Now hill fighting a hill ethics investigation into allegations she had an affair with a subordinate staffer, a violation sex House rules — an allegation she denies, and which there is no public evidence to support.

House ethics rules implemented last year ban members of Congress from engaging in sexual relationships with employees. If the ethics committee finds that a member violated those rules, punishment could include removing that member of their committee leadership titles.

In a letter she sent to constituents this week, Hill denied having a sexual relationship with Kelly. Last week, hill conservative blog RedState published the allegations that Sex had a sexual relationship with Kelly. Red State hill alleged that Hill was involved with a female member of her campaign staff, and published nude photos of Hill with that staff member. In statements to several news outlets, Hill strongly implied that her husband, who she is in the process of divorcing, leaked the photos.

Hill is illegal in 46 states and in D. Hill said she contacted the U. Capitol Police about the photos. Sex that I hill. I wish nothing sex the best for her and hope everyone respects her privacy in this difficult time," she continued. Cover: U. Conference in Sex, DC.

Oct 24pm. This is not how Rep. Katie Hill Sex. Sign up right here.

sex on hill

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