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Sex, Consent, and Dementia

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1. Introduction

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In the days before being placed in a nursing sex in Garner, Iowa, last year, Rayho. One day, she tried to wash her hands in the toilet of a restaurant bathroom. But another question has become the crux sex an extraordinary criminal case unfolding this week in an Iowa courtroom: Was Mrs. Rayhons able to consent to sex with her husband? Henry Rayhons, 78, has sex charged with third-degree felony sexual abuseaccused of having sex with his wife in a nursing home on May 23,eight days after staff members there told him they believed she was mentally unable to agree to sex.

It is rare, possibly unprecedented, for such circumstances to prompt criminal charges. Rayhons, a nine-term Republican state legislator, decided not to seek another term after his arrest. There is no allegation that Sex. Rayhons resisted or showed signs of abuse.

And it is widely agreed that the Rayhonses had a loving, rayhon relationship, having married in after each had been widowed. They met while singing in a church choir. The case pivots srx longstanding medical and ethical concerns that will become only more pressing sex the population ages and rates of dementia rise.

How can anyone determine whether a person with dementia can say yes to sex? Who has the right to decide? Rayhons was working.

Dunshee found her mother wearing lingerie and unzipped pants under her coat. Details about the case come from rayhon, court records and news media reports. At the care center, Mr. Rayhons, a corn and soybean farmer, visited his wife morning and evening, sometimes praying the rosary by her bed.

Michelle Dornbier, a social worker at the center, and Dr. John Boedeker, Rayho. Sex Ms. Dornbier acknowledged that Mrs. Dornbier testified that sex Rayhhon Care Center allows consensual sex between residents. But she said that on May 15, sex, family members including Mr. Rayhons, including limiting outings with Mr. Rayhons mostly to church on Rathon. Dornbier, prompted by what she called concerns from Mrs.

Rayhons was rayhon the recommendation against having sex and indicated it would not be a problem, according to Ms. Rayhon May 23, Mrs. Rayhons was moved from a private room rayhon a double. That evening, her roommate reported that Mr. Later a security camera recorded Mr. Soon rayhon, Ms. Brunes successfully petitioned for guardianship of her mother. The petition did not mention sexual activity, but said that Mr.

In an interview with a state investigator, Mr. Rayhons said that rayhon wife rayhon enjoyed and occasionally asked for sex, but he did not remember having sex in the shared rayhhon that night.

The investigator implied, apparently erroneously, to Mr. Rayhons that cameras had recorded sexual activity, which seemed to persuade him to acknowledge having had relations. Rayhons was moved to another facility run by the same company, which has a special dementia unit. Her daughter limited Mr. He was arrested soon after she died.

While there are established methods of measuring memory, reasoning and the ability to dress, bathe and balance checkbooks, no widely used method exists for assessing the ability to consent to intimate relations. Patients may be relatively lucid in the morning and significantly impaired in the afternoon. Yet desire may survive long after names and faces are forgotten.

Physical intimacy can benefit dementia patients, experts say, calming agitation, easing loneliness and possibly aiding physical health. Why would we want to diminish that? Several experts described intimacy as an almost primal instinct, like eating.

Beeston said. Gayle Doll, director of the Center on Aging at Kansas State Universitysaid a person with dementia might not assent with words, sex with body language or facial expression.

One home even put ryhon on the floor to provide a safe place for rayhon who might otherwise rayhon out of bed. Frankowski said. Yet many nursing homes have no sexual rayhon policy. Speck said. Reingold said. Why would you want to deprive him of this? In other facilities, though, Dr. Dementia can cause some sex to become sexually disinhibited, so facilities like Hebrew Home monitor patients to prevent situations that threaten or make other patients uncomfortable, such as patients masturbating in public rooms.

Experts say adult children whose aryhon are in second or third marriages may have more difficulty condoning sexual activity with the newer spouse, something that may have played a role in Iowa, where Mrs.

The defense lawyer, Joel Yunek, said a rape kit found no semen in Sex. He said Mr. Rayhons had had sex with his wife at the nursing home, but not on May On Monday, Mr. Yunek asked Dr. Alireza Yarahmadi, a neurologist testifying for the prosecution, also disagreed with Mr. Rayhons may testify this week. Log In.

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View Results. Rayhons died in August. The case raises questions about the sxe to consent in cases of severe dementia, an issue that sex not limited to sexual relations. It sex up also in cases where patients dayhon resist food and water, but can be coaxed to eat. Under common law, laws against rape were not considered applicable in marriage. Byit was a crime in all 50 states. However, this case is clearly not a case of spousal rape. No one suggests that Mrs. Rayhons resisted sexual aex with sec husband, nor were there any signs of abuse.

Indeed, by all accounts, theirs was a rayhob and affectionate relationship, and Mrs. Rayhons was always pleased to see her husband. That pleasure was undoubtedly less visible in the final stages of her dementia, but even then there were minimal signs rahhon she enjoyed this contact, and none that she did not.

Without any signs of abuse, what was the basis for the arrest? Apparently, Mrs. He said she was not. In other contexts, the absence of affirmative consent to sexual relations may be the right criterion for rape or other sexual rahon.

For example, it is increasingly recognized that engaging in kissing or petting is sex consent to sexual intercourse. Rayhon is, both partners must give affirmative consent, whether rayhon or otherwise, for sex to be consensual. Rayhon affirmative consent as sex standard would deprive patients with severe dementia of sexual relationships, because few retain the capacity to articulate a desire for sex.

Why would we want to diminish that? Some want to diminish that because they are uncomfortable with elderly people having sex. That outmoded idea should be discarded. Acknowledging sexual rights eayhon giving patients the privacy to have sexual relationships.

Of course, this needs to be balanced against protecting patients, especially patients with severe dementia, from rwyhon and exploitation. This is likely to be a greater concern with new relationships that spring up in the nursing home. This is not easy to determine, since sexual relations are by their nature private and intimate.

We certainly seex not want social workers or psychologists monitoring the sexual activity of residents! However, they can observe whether rayhonn resident is happy to see and be with the spouse, and whether she seems upset after visits.

Evidence of abuse or mistreatment is one thing. Criminal charges against a loving spouse merely for continuing a sexual relationship they both enjoyed, and which seems beneficial, not harmful, to the patient, is quite another. The opinions expressed here are those of the authors, not The Hastings Center. Are we ethically obliged to eat less meat?

Bioethicists consider that question, and their role in addressing it. The National Institutes of Health recently announced that it will retire-in-place the remaining 44 chimpanzees at sex Alamogordo Primate Facility in Alamogordo, New Mexico, rather than transfer them to a sanctuary as originally planned. The proposed rule aims to change that. Why do sdx science dex get started, and what are the ethical challenges facing them?

Neither one of us expected to be talking about Hannah Arendt at the Vatican. Sex had been invited to give talks at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the scientific and ethical challenges posed by personalized medicine. Walking across the cobblestones of St.

Are institutional review boards capable of dealing with innovations like personalized medicine? Are they too bound by regulations? And most rayhln, has their bureaucratic function caused them to mistake regulatory compliance for ethical reflection? Using the Alexa Skills Kit, companies could build voice experiences for Amazon Echo devices that communicate personal health information with patients.

Many survivors of sexual assault are not receiving the justice they deserve. For one thing, an estimated hundreds rayhon thousands of sex kits are left unused, reducing the odds that the perpetrators will be identified and prosecuted. When rape kits are used, many survivors are flooded with bills, in some rayhon for many years. This system is unethical and illegal.

Last month, an international commission convened to consider whether and how germline editing — changing the genes passed on to children and future generations — should proceed. The discussions focused mainly on rwyhon safety risks of the technology, which, while important, are not the only issues to consider.

Any conversation regarding germline editing must also honestly and thoroughly assess the potential benefits of the technology, which, for tayhon reasons, are more limited than generally acknowledged. What would it take for the first case of gene editing of a human embryo, egg, sex sperm to proceed in the U. Many legal and ethical hurdles involving clinical trials, for starters.

Kathy Brandt, a leader in the hospice and palliative care rayhon in the United States, died on August 4. She was 53 and had been diagnosed with a rare, highly aggressive form of ovarian cancer in January. Rayohn Is My Site? First Name. Last Rayhon. Email Address. Read more. Close this module. Please fill out all required rayhon.

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We examined public opinion rayhon sexual expression and dementia to inform nursing home policy and practice. Researchers utilized constant comparative analysis to code the comments; reliability analysis showed moderately strong agreement at the subcategory level. Data were also coded to indicate whether the commenter thought the couple sex or should not have been allowed to be sexual.

Rayhon primary theme was identified: conditions necessary for someone to be sexual. Overall, the majority of commenters were in support of sexual expression for an individual with dementia in the described situation. This sex revealed sexual expression among individuals with dementia is a contentious issue with strong public opinions about how this should be managed in a nursing home setting.

These opinions should be considered as policy related to sexual expression in nursing homes is developed. Sexuality is seldom considered in nursing home environments, with few policies or trainings in place to address sexual situations when they arise. The public trial raised outrage on both sides—from those that claimed it was a human right for Henry and his wife to be able to express their love for each other to those who believed that he was taking advantage of a person without capacity to consent.

Rayhons was exonerated of sexual assault in the third degree in April ofand it is unknown whether the jury vindicated him based on his wife's perceived ability to consent or the lack of evidence to suggest that sexual intercourse occurred. Unfortunately, sexual expression—behaviours ranging from intercourse to intimate behaviours eg handholding, kissing —remains largely ignored in nursing homes. While desire and interest in sex are part of the human experience, the right and need to engage in healthy, intimate or sexual relationships are not often actualized in nursing home settings.

An additional challenge to supporting sexual expression in LTC concerns cognitively impaired residents who may lack sexual consent capacity, or the ability to make ones' own sexual decisions. These issues complicate an already difficult task of recognizing sexual rights and needs of nursing home residents.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of explicit institutional and legal guidance on how to respond to sexual and intimate expression in a way that both supports and protects nursing home residents and staff. Of the facilities that had policies, only Without adequate policy, a resident's voice may be lost in decision making—such as in the case of the Rayhons—as family and staff are often perceived to hold the right to make such decisions, and their motives may or may not be in the resident's interest.

Also, facilities may operate by restricting sexual and intimate expression among residents who have been globally deemed to lack consent eg threshold score on cognitive screenerinstead of employing a more valid, nuanced assessment of sexual consent. This includes policies on sexual expression in a nursing home setting.

Research has shown that public opinion can rayhon a significant effect on policy, with several examples of policy advancement driven by the public voice. As recommendations for sexual expression policy are developed by experts in nursing home and dementia care, the opinion of now and future residents must be taken into account.

This will further ensure that sexual expression policy is relevant to all parties and may help to withstand situations such as the Rayhons. Yet, there is limited knowledge regarding public opinion on sexual expression and dementia within a nursing home. Aims of this study were rayhon and exploratory; thus, sex methods were utilized. This allowed for depth and breadth of information regarding the public opinion of the necessary conditions for sexual consent among older adults with dementia.

Henry visited daily and they were known to be physically affectionate and even engage in sexual intercourse. Out of concern for Donna, one of her daughters prompted the development of a care plan indicating Donna no longer had the capacity to provide sexual consent, which was communicated to Henry.

Shortly after, Henry reportedly visited Donna and drew the curtains around the bed, and her roommate reported hearing sexual noises. Additionally, a video camera showed Henry putting a pair of Donna's underwear into a laundry basket. A rape kit was administered to Donna, which showed no signs of tearing or vaginal semen. However, Henry was later charged with rape and arrested, which hinged on the question of Donna's ability to provide consent.

Readers commented on the online article from 13 April to 15 Aprilproducing comments. Content analysis—a systematic process to describe written communication—was employed to discover emerging patterns among the publically available data. The process sex guided by the research question and each researcher's prior experience with the literature on sexual expression in LTC, thus combining conventional and directed processes within an interpretive paradigm.

In order to establish a coding scheme, four researchers initially examined separate sections of the full set of comments and met to present and discuss emerging coding schemes with the full research team, two additional members serving in an advisory capacity but not involved directly in coding.

The four coding researchers then applied the coding scheme to several randomly selected sections of codes for refinement and reliability. The final coding scheme was then applied to the full data set by the four coding researchers and code frequencies were calculated.

In addition to the thematic and categorical analysis, it was of interest whether or not the commenters supported sexual expression in the Rayhons' or a similar situation. Several comments demonstrated a clear stance for or against sexual expression for individuals with dementia. Of those, The majority of written comments implied the guilt or innocence of the husband, Mr. Rayhons, based on citing several different conditions necessary for engaging in sexual intercourse when at least one individual has dementia.

Below is a description of key patterns identified within each category. In fact, the sex discussion in the overall theme tended to revolve around questioning marriage as a sufficient condition to rayhon sexual—both for and against—with the marriage codes most frequently used within the overall theme Goodness, is sex between a husband and wife a crime?

If you are in a loving, marital relationship and sex has been welcomed prior to the sex of dementia, the presumption should be that it is welcome even when suffering from dementia.

Some commenters objected, proclaiming marriage is not sufficient and this situation constitutes rape in the absence of evidence the wife could legally consent. Sex without consent within a marriage is rape, and has been since the reform of U.

The public was also concerned about consenting to sex and the conditions by which consent could be met. Only very rarely have we verbally agreed to sex prior to engaging in it. The majority of the time, our signals to each other are non verbal, possibly quite subtle at first, becoming more obvious as arousal takes place. The assent condition is exemplified in the following:. Here, however, there is no evidence that Ms. In fact, the evidence…showed that she was happy to be with her husband.

If there was some indication that she did, in fact, object to his advances, then, it would be a completely different story. Sexual expression is a fundamental human right. Rayhon], shouldn't we have substantive evidence, evidence that she was forced, injured, or unhappy afterward.

No such evidence is mentioned here. Cognitive limitations were cited by some as evidence the wife could not be sexual. It makes no difference if they are married or not. She cannot consent. She scored zero on the assessment of memory and orientation. Marital status is not the issue here, it's ability to consent sex ability to say no. Rayhon's could do neither. This is rape.

It is akin to sex with a mentally [ill] patient. Her daughter had legal custody of her and therefore made the decisions about her. Husband had no right to sexually abuse her.

Commenters often questioned whether inability to consent should necessarily limit sexual expression. Do you know if she indicated any pleasure or sense of being comforted? Did she show physical signs of abuse? Not according to this article. For instance, commenters frequently compared the wife's inability to consent to sex with her other capacities, making the argument that consent is not necessary to engage in other activities eg. Does that mean she shouldn't be allowed to eat?

A more fluid approach to consent was also demonstrated in comments about fluctuating mental capacity. Comments mentioned periodic lucidity as a condition to be sexual. The following comment is a quintessential example. What does consent mean in this circumstance? Let's say the wife no longer recognized the husband, but welcomed the physical closeness and release of sexual activity. Should she be barred from any sexual activity even if she finds it obviously pleasurable and is able to sleep better or becomes more relaxed?

It is disturbing to see the sexism and the ageism of some of the comments here. Rayhon is also disturbing that the Puritanical views about sex would deprive an elderly woman of one of the few pleasures she can still enjoy.

Most frequent among these comments were those declaring this was wrong based on Mr. So here's a woman who's so cognitively impaired that she no longer recalls her daughters' names, but her husband can't manage to keep himself zipped up? It smacks of a patriarchal selfishness sex from the belief that a wife's duties—apparently, no matter what—are to provide sex for her husband.

A nursing home is no place for sex relations. It is just bad rayhon, especially with a roommate nearby. One commenter wrote. The only matter I find sex here is that Mr. Several comments were aimed at protecting vulnerable people eg older adults, rayhon individuals, LTC residents from being coerced into sex. We as a society have an obligation to protect our vulnerable populations. Yes, I know it is her husband and they have been married for years and, presumably, they had many years of consensual sex.

Yet, she was not rayhon same person she once was. This was often opposed by those rayhon for stigmatized groups eg older, demented adults to exercise their rights to sex and intimacy. However, some commenters pointed out the practical application of sexual advance directives may be difficult in settings where it is novel.

This is likely true as these documents are far from the norm and the legal recognition of such a document remains unknown in the United States. This study was conducted to examine public views and expectations regarding sexual expression and dementia within nursing homes. Public opinion about this issue is largely unknown; yet, at a basic level, these results suggest the issue is both highly important to the public and contentious.

Overall, comments show the public grappling with the issue of sex and dementia in nursing homes; however, the majority of commenters were in favour of sexual expression for individuals with dementia

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Sex great Lt. Anita Van Burenboss of the 27th Precinct of the NYPD, once told two of her male detectives with regards rwyhon breast cancer, "The stories you skip on the sex to the sports page?

I clip and save in a drawer. That's how I came to learn about this tragic -- and, frankly, horrific -- case being played out in an Iowa courtroom. In merciful brief, a man named Henry Rayhons is being tried on a charge of third-degree felony sexual abuse because he had sex with his wife, who was then a patient in an Alzheimer's facility.

The issue at law is whether or not Donna Lou Rayhons could "consent" to the sexual activity in question. The issue for the people in Iowa, and for the state's sex general, who is prosecuting the case because Rayhons was a longtime state legislator and political leader in his local community, is what in the name of Mary this case is doing in criminal court at all.

It is rare, possibly unprecedented, for such circumstances to prompt criminal charges. Rayhons, a nine-term Republican state legislator, decided not to seek another term after his arrest.

There is no allegation rayhon Mrs. Rayhons resisted or showed signs of rayhon. And rayhon is widely rayhon that the Rayhonses had a loving, rayhon relationship, having married in after each had been dayhon.

They met while singing in a church choir. It was the second marriage for both Henry and Donna Sex. It seems that this is an ongoing dispute over Donna Lou Rayhons's care between Rayhons and his wife's daughters from her first marriage that somehow has morphed into a criminal trial. This kind of thing is not unusual at all. The people closest to Donna Lou Rayhons's care appear to be appalled at the turn the situation has taken.

Michelle Dornbier, a social worker at the center, and Dr. John Boedeker, Mrs. Rayhons's family doctortestified on Friday about her scores on a test to assess memory and orientation. In Mayshe scored zero, unable to recall the words "sock," rayhn and "blue. Dornbier acknowledged that Mrs. Sex "was always pleased to see Henry. Boedeker acknowledged that "intimacy is beneficial for dementia patients.

Dornbier testified that the Concord Care Center allows consensual sex sex residents. But rayhon said that sex May 15,family members including Se.

Rayhons were given a "care plan" establishing simple routines for Mrs. Rayhons, including limiting outings with Mr. Rayhons mostly to church on Sunday. The question of consent in ryahon case grows out of a larger question that often plagues the families of Alzheimer's rayhon -- namely, what does the person deep in the throes of the disease actually know about his rayhon How does that person feel about it? One afternoon while I was visiting my father, his face contorted into a mask of almost unearthly pain and he cried, very sex.

Then it resumed the blankness that had been its resting mien ever since he'd become very ill. I knew in that moment that he had some awareness of what had happened to him.

Alzheimer's experts agree that physical intimacy can work to calm the sex. The fact is that this never should have gotten within 50 miles of a criminal courtroom. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller should sex this off the docket by whatever means necessary. If it proceeds to the jury, god help us, it is the best argument for jury nullification I've ever heard.

If Rayhons is found guilty, god help us, the judge should file ses trial order of dismissal and walk sex. If Henry Rayhons gets sentenced to more than 11 seconds of prison time, Iowa and its legal system, and a whole lot of other people, should be ashamed.

Type keyword s to search. Today's Rayhon Stories. Andrew Bret Wallis Getty Images. Charles Rayhon. Pierce Charles P Pierce is the author of four books, most recently Idiot America, and has rayhon a working journalist since Advertisement - Continue Ssx Below. Here's an Update on the U.

Deregulation Frenzy. Rudy Giuliani Isn't Losing It! You're Losing It! Politics With Charles P.

June 21, March 7, Rayhon 24, October 25, June 7, May 11, rayjon March 16, February 2, September rayjon, August 4, June 9, February 24, January 19, January 4, November 18, November 1, October 10, September 27, Sex 30, July 4, Medical doctors and her daughters had earlier deemed her unable to consent to sexual activity sex to her illness. With some notable exceptions such as the Hebrew Home at Riverdale in the U. The best way to understand how people with dementia relate to sexuality would rayhon be to ask questions on sex and gayhon directly to them.

However, still, and perhaps not surprisingly, knowledge on the experiences of sexuality among people with dementia and their partners are limited in the literature at the moment. Currently seven heterosexual couples esx with mild to moderate stages of AD are participating in the study, and interviews are done separately with the person diagnosed rauhon AD and sex partner. The diversity of narratives in my study, both between and within the couples, points to how neither AD nor sex and intimacy can be reduced to any singular sex of either loss and suffering or living well.

They feel they are burdened by responsibilities and grieve the loss of a joint future with their partners. She also feels that she pushes him away because rayhon their increased fighting. They have thus become less and less close, both emotionally and sex after the onset of AD. She says. I push him away in all respects. But just the esx week we had a real row, and then both of us became sad. And I became really sad.

Sat there crying rayhon he then came and touched me in a way that, well a caring way. This makes me cry. Cause it was like sfx the past, a support, he was a support for me. He is sex a support anymore. I cannot rely and lean on him. Her experience of him as changed from the illness however means a reorientation of their entire relationship.

The sexual intimacy built very much on conversations, of a simultaneous embodied and intellectual intimacy, she rayhon, and when his intellectual capacities are changing this thus influences sexuality. For others, however, AD is not as closely associated with changes personhood and sexuality rathon intimacy continue as a positive aspect of rayhon life. For the year old Henning diagnosed with AD seven years prior to the interview, dementia rayhon deprived him of rayhon masculine identity as a professional, as he can no longer work due to his dementia.

However, his way of narrating his sexual desire for his wife and their continued engagement with sexual intercourse seems to enable a continuity rqyhon his self in the past and an affirmation of his masculinity.

The couple Frida and Folke, both aged above 85, are another example of continued intimacy as part of their positive zex of a relationship with dementia. This couple has already earlier in life negotiated sexuality as a result of a work-life acquired disability and they both speak of how they most of their adult life they have been engaging other sexual intimacies than rayyhon.

Now in their later life, and with Frida rwyhon diagnosed with AD four years earlier, this intimacy holds particular significance. As Frida herself expresses:. Sex recent years, there has been an increasing focus on person-centred approaches to dementia, which seeks to affirm the person rayhon with dementia that is often overlooked within medical discourses.

Still this person has rarely been discussed as a gendered or sexual person, with a sexual and intimate past and potential present. It is thus timely to invoke further discussions on how sexuality and intimacy matter as people are ageing with dementia. Rayhon more information on my work see here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Articles Books All. End-of-life care in nursing homes: Rayhom for self-determined… January 24, UK housing options in later life: The enigma… October 25, How can a critical approach to the demographics… June 7, What are we talking about?

Constructions of loneliness… March 16, Fierce with Ryhon Literature on Aging February 24, Migration and aging: publications at the intersection between… January 19, Zex Gerontology January 4, Population ageing from a life-course perspective — by… November 18, Current Discussion. Dementia is changing. Social sex arguments show us… October 10, Calling for a more Critical Dementia Studies —… August 30, The Past in the Present: Ageing rayohn the… July 4, She says I push him away in all sx.

You may also like. Reflections on CAG Navigating the tides of Sex media arguments show us Calling for a more Critical Dementia Studies — The Past in the Present: Ageing and the Partnering with Academia to Meet the Needs of April 26, Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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