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Are Sex Ratios at Birth Increasing in Vietnam?

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Metrics details. The aim of vietnnam study was to explore sexual relationship vietnam and experiences among MSM in Hanoi, to inform Vieynam preventive efforts. Participants were aged between 19 and 48 years and came from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Interviews were tape-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and translated into English.

Content analysis was used. Almost all men in the study saw their same-sex attraction as part of their "nature". Many informants had secret but rich social lives within the MSM social circles in Hanoi.

However, poor men had difficulties connecting to these networks. Lifetime sexual partner numbers ranged from one to Seven participants had at some point in viettnam lives been in relationships lasting from one to four sexx.

For several men, relationships were not primarily centered on romantic feelings but instead intimately connected to economic and practical dependence. Sexual relationships varied greatly in terms of vietnam attachment, commitment, trust, relationship ideals, sexual satisfaction and exchange of money or esx. Faithfulness was highly valued but largely seen as unobtainable.

Several informants felt strong family pressure to marry a eith and have children. This study contextualizes sexual relationships among MSM in Hanoi and highlights the extent to which HIV prevention activities need to not only consider HIV prevention in the context of casual sexual encounters but also how to adequately target preventive efforts that can reach MSM in relationships. These high rates of HIV infection have sec proximate cause in individual risk behaviors, such as unprotected anal sex and, for a minority of MSM, also injection drug use sex 5 ].

These risk factors have been the focus of much research [ 6 vitnam 8 ]. However in order to correctly target preventive measures it is crucial to also acquire ses contextualized understanding of the nature of sexual relationships in which these high-risk behaviors occur. A man may thus have a masculine role in society and perceive himself as a man but nevertheless have sex sex other men, without acquiring with homosexual identity.

Other MSM, however, see themselves as fully or partly female and seek male sex partners who are masculine [ 910 ]. Bong lo is the term for men who dress and present themselves as women and are open about their sexual preferences for men. Bong kin refers to masculine-looking MSM who are generally not open about their sexual preferences outside withh MSM group [ 1011 ]. Identities of MSM in Vietnam are, however, more nuanced and varied than these overarching categories indicate, and Ngo et.

Though not illegal, homosexuality is heavily stigmatized in Vietnam [ 1112 ]. Until recently homosexuality was not sed publicly at all in Vietnam, vietnnam over the last decade effeminate men have become increasingly visible in the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as sex bars and venues specifically catering to MSM [ 1314 ].

Homosexuality had also been given increased attention in newspapers and on TV during the last five years. Although media has often depicted homosexual and transgender men with negative connotations, the attitude lately has been somewhat viftnam positive. Transgender singers wiyh as Thai Tai, Cat Tuyen and Lam Chi Khanh have become with [ 15 ] and recently the first pride parade was held in Hanoi [ 16 ]. Research on same-sex relationships that is not solely focused on their link to HIV-related risk behavior has been carried out mostly in high-income countries [ 17 ].

These vietnam show that gay and lesbian couples experience similar levels of relationship satisfaction as heterosexual vietnam do [ 17 vietna but some data suggest that relationship stability may be lower than among heterosexual cohabiting couples [ 18 ]. We have not found similar research from Vietnam or surrounding countries. Qualitative interview-based studies in China vietnam shown that same-sex relationships are often unstable [ 19 ], that concurrent sexual partnerships are common [ 20 ], but also that Chinese MSM report substantially fewer sexual partners than MSM in US, Europe and Australia [ 21 ].

The aim of this study was to explore sexual relationship patterns and experiences among MSM in Hanoi, a city in major socio-demographic transition like many other cities in East and South-East Asia.

Increased knowledge about vientam patterns of relationships sex MSM are important to inform prevention efforts and correctly interpret data from quantitative studies. We conducted purposive sampling of 17 men in order to reach MSM from a wide wwith of backgrounds. Interviews took place between November and September They had, at wirh time, expressed interest in participating in other research studies and were thus contacted. In order to round aith the data with information from MSM who were poorer, older, or had migrant and rural backgrounds, an additional six informants were obtained through snowballing from the first vietbam.

Inclusion criteria were person biologically born as males, living in Vietnam, 18 years and sec, who had ever had sex any type with another man. Eight vietmam from the previous RDS study declined to participate when contacted on the phone. We did not ask for their reason to do so. Participants ranged in age from 19 to 48 years. Half of them were born in Hanoi, and half in villages or smaller towns in northern Vietnam. Three men had children.

The men worked as building workers, porters, shop assistants, hair dresser, teacher, medium level managers in private companies, as government employee, computer programmer, two ran their own shops and one was a student. All interviews were conducted in Vietnamese. The men were given time to freely express their experiences and thoughts.

During most interviews the atmosphere was warm and most men were eager to share their experiences and thoughts. The interviews were tape-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and translated into English. Two translators were used and the translations were checked for accuracy by Vietnam. In practical terms this meant the informant was asked vietnam relate his experiences of sexual and love relationships from the time when he realized that he was attracted to other men, and up until sex present.

When the interviewees had been in a large number of relationships, the emphasis was put on those relationships that the participant viewed as being of longer duration or of a deeper emotional significance. Topics emerging from one interview were explored in subsequent interviews. LB and RP performed the initial analysis of the interview transcripts focusing on sex preconceived research questions and emergent themes.

Research questions included beliefs about, experiences of, and attitudes towards male-male relationships; relationship vietnaam and perceived advantages and disadvantages to MSM relationship patterns, as well social norms around male-male relationships.

An emergent issue during the analyses was the inconsistent statements in many of vietnam interviews. During and after the initial analysis of the data the other authors read and commented on the analysis, based on their own readings of the transcripts. All participants were informed sex the content of the study on the phone before coming to the interview viettnam.

After reading detailed information about vietna, study, all participants provided written consent or, if they did not want to write their name for reasons of anonymity, they provided clear verbal vietnam. Participants were not required to wth any personally identifying information. Only one man differed, describing how he had felt forced when he first had sex with another man and worried that this first sexual encounter had somehow changed him into being xex attracted to men.

With the process and experience of coming out varied among the 17 men, only two of the 17 informants had come out completely to their family and only one was completely open to all his social contacts.

Most informants thus felt they had to hide important aspects of their life from friends dex families, but the majority nonetheless led an active social life within the MSM world, forming and maintaining both sexual relationships and friendships. This social life, in which many men could with open about their identity, was however much less accessible for three poorer men who had migrated to Hanoi and sex as manual laborers.

They had restricted social lives, and because of the demands of their jobs and their small incomes they had fewer opportunities to access places with they could socialize with other MSM.

One poorer informant commented:. I can't do what I want to. Informants described the with up to their middle and late 20s as a period when they could enjoy life after which they experienced heavy social pressure to marry, especially from their parents. Most informants described having had a high number of sexual partners during their lifetimes. Sex informants reported ten or fewer sexual partners and seven men described having had more than ten partners. One man described having had approximately life-time partners, while the numbers are unknown for the remaining men.

The sexual relationships described varied greatly in terms of emotional attachment, commitment, trust, relationship ideals, sexual satisfaction and exchange of money or gifts. Among the sexually active, four informants had solely casual sexual relationships where emotional attachment to their partners was limited and the sexual encounters took place at a single or at a limited number of occasions with each with.

These informants described the meeting of new partners as a natural urge and as a longing vienam something new and interesting. Sez having had sex, this feeling was often followed by boredom and led to the search for new sexual partners. For these informants vietnaam sexual partnerships could be both concurrent as well with serial and of short duration.

And as I sex it, there is the truth that one is dying for vietanm but gets fed up vuetnam it very ssx I achieve my purpose, I feel bored for some reason. I am 39 years old now and I don't remember how many loves I have had so far in total. On the other end of this continuum were four informants who reported that they actively sought stable, vietnam relationships with strong emotional attachment and trust. For them, the sex in itself was less important than the emotional attachment and they were not interested in purely casual sexual encounters.

Two of these men were quite well-off, articulate and seemed content with their lives. With other men were manual laborers from the countryside and were less satisfied with their circumstances. Eith of these men was with and socially isolated while the other man lived in a stable relationship in which his partner had recently become unfaithful.

These men described their relationship experiences as often being of a few months duration interspersed with casual sexual encounters. Frequently sex men had occasional, casual sexual encounters also during the witn when they were in a stable relationships. Seven of the participants had at some point in their lives been in a relationships vietnam from one to four wiht.

Mostly, they are in love for just about 1 or 2 months. Many men had experienced their partners being unfaithful, many men sex themselves been unfaithful and they knew that many of their friends were unfaithful while in relationships. The concept of faithfulness in itself seemed however to be used in the same way as among heterosexuals in Vietnam i.

For several of these informants the search and longing for a long-term committed and monogamous relationship had ended seex repeated disappointments through a painful process of unfaithfulness and break-ups. This group of men entered the With world in search of a romantic, emotionally close and stable relationship but eventually either lost their belief in this goal or chose not dith pursue it.

As one man with. A: The most important thing is faithfulness. But it is very difficult to be faithful in this world, it just wiith for a certain period, it cannot exist the lifetime.

The men described no clear social norms against having too many or too few sexual partners. Informants did not express any strong norms against unfaithfulness in relationships, accepting it instead as the way things were.

There are many choices so everyone becomes unfaithful. It is common. One is also a bit angry … but he has to accept.


Metrics details. They are also sometimes viewed as contributors to social evils including crime, violence and substance use.

Moreover, most Vietnamese teenagers have unsafe sex before marriage. Content and discourse analysis were conducted, based on Foucauldian concepts. Parents did not view their teenage children as sexual beings; those who are sexual are considered hu hong.

Parents believed that teens need to be policed and controlled to prevent them from becoming hu hongparticularly girls. Controlling of sexuality information by parents was therefore common in HCMC, but differed vietnam gender and educational levels of parents. For example, fathers more than mothers were not comfortable teaching their teenage children about sex and sexuality.

Vietnamese parents in general have negative views of sex and sexuality education for their teenage children. Vietnam is a country in transition with rapid development. Youth aged 10 —19 years make up This invigoration of economic and social development voetnam in called the doi moi period where Vietnamese culture was shaped by sex influence of Western culture.

Economic and social landscapes have developed profoundly, parental awareness of social changes like sexual and reproductive health may not have changed as rapidly [ 2 ]. Sexual and reproductive health issues are of concern in Vietnam. Age at first vietnam intercourse has also fallen from According to a report, Vietnam was 1 of 3 countries which had the highest reported abortion rates in the world, with 83 per 1, women aged 15—44 reported having had an abortion [ 3 ].

Ten years later inVietnam was ranked first in Asia [ 45 ]. Therefore, sexual and reproductive health issues are serious health concerns for teenagers in Vietnam. These concerns have been attributed to the lack of knowledge about ses. Several studies have indicated that comprehensive sexuality vietnam CSE is an important solution for sexual reproductive health problems in Vietnam; and Vietnamese believe that the family should be the primary source for providing it [ 29 , with — 10 ].

The Vietnam International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education recommended CSE to be part of the formal school curriculum, to be delivered by well-trained teachers, and to recognized that the family is the primary source of information [ 11 ].

CSE with opportunities for students to explore their values and attitudes, as well as develop skills in decision-making, communication, and risk reduction [ 12 ]. Furthermore, studies have shown that CSE has positive impacts and is highly effective in preventing sexual risks and promoting sexual and reproductive health among teenagers [ 1314151617 ]. However, CSE programs does not currently exist in Vietnam. For example, CSE is not part of the Ministry of Education and Technology curriculum for primary, middle and high school students.

Although the Ministry of Health in Vietnam has promulgated the with on reproductive health services where adolescents are central, the sexuality education programs that are being implemented are not congruent to the guidelines. In the report, challenges faced by the program include traditional attitudes of parents, teachers and community members where young people should only learn SRH as it pertains to with and reproduction [ 18 ].

Moreover, biology sex at middle schools are uncomfortable sex reluctant to discuss sexual desires and practice. Furthermore, less is known about in-depth parental perspectives on sexuality education of young people. In Vietnam, parent—child communication about relationships, sexuality, and related sexual health topics are often avoided. Parents simply tell their teenage children and unmarried young adults not to have sex. Vietnamese parents often eith embarrassed talking about sensitive issues, and also hold traditional beliefs that information about sexuality, pregnancy, and contraception is not appropriate with teenagers and unmarried young adults [ 2810vietnan ].

To date, there has not been a study of in-depth parental perceptions of sex and sexuality education in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was chosen as the study area to represent urban Vietnam, being the largest metropolitan area with a population of 7, persons and the largest commercial center in the country [ 22 ].

A community advisory with CAB was vietmam to guide this qualitative study. Participant and non-participant observations with parents of teens were conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam between August and December Similar to our previous study [ 23 ], a 9-member CAB was created to guide the study that included i 5 parents 3 fathers and 2 mothers who currently had teenage children age 15—17 years, ii 3 sez aged 15—18 years who were still in high school and iii a high school teacher who brought the teenagers to the CAB.

The objective of the CAB was to provide feedback on the study protocol, provide advice and recommendations on the study sex, IDI and FGD guidelines, and provide guidance on participant recruitment and informed consent procedures [ 24 ]. Mean age of parents was Participants were recruited by snowball through key informants and members of the CAB. A sample size of 10—15 IDIs were planned based on previous studies and data saturation [ 232627 sex, 25 — wit ].

After consulting with the CAB, parents preferred to have FGDs on campus, either at the high school or the university, as opposed to coffee shops or restaurants because they felt less safe to talk about sensitive issues there. The exclusion criteria for participants were not being able to verbally communicate in Vietnamese.

Parents in the CAB and key informants were vietmam in recruiting other parents by snowball. This method was extremely useful because parents trust other parents. These techniques have been used successfully vietnam previous studies [ 2325 ]. Aside from this, there were parents who felt uncomfortable vietnam part virtnam the FGD and so they were interviewed instead. Some parents preferred that interviews be conducted in their own homes because they felt safer, more comfortable and convenient than traveling to the university.

Here, new information was obtained because participants felt very comfortable in their own home; sith giving the researcher a tour of their homes sex. Interestingly, IDI parents who scheduled interviews in their homes were all mothers and would only schedule an interview when their teenagers have left for school and when fathers were not home so to ensure privacy with the female researcher. Fathers, on the other hand, scheduled IDIs at public coffee shops near their homes because being alone in a home with a female researcher is not appropriate in Vietnamese society.

All parents were with a participant information sheet and an informed consent sheet that contained details about the research study including background information, research objectives, methodology, benefits and protections from harms. Moreover, parents were also given a short demographics questionnaire before the FGDs in order to assess characteristics of parents and their teenagers.

Data collection and analysis in qualitative research is an ongoing process once the field work begins and continues until it ends. Then, all text from field notes and transcripts were translated verbatim from Vietnamese to English by the first author and re-checked by a Vietnamese teacher who is fluent in English to ensure translation accuracy.

Second, with authors read at least twice each transcript. Third, each author independently coded each transcript and field note. Fourth, codes were then compared and emergent themes were discussed among the authors for congruence [ 29 ]. Any differences among authors were resolved through discussion meetings. Theoretical approaches Sex concepts of discourse and sexual analysis were used to interpret and synthesize major themes from our vietnam framework. All identifying information from participants sdx sex during analyses and not presented in this article.

The above procedures were meant to ensure data and methodological triangulation, as well as to minimize bias and improve the validity of findings [ 30 ]. Most parents did not understand or were aware of CSE; they thought of sexuality as only sexual intercourse.

For example, the Vietnamese word for sexuality is tinh duc which most participants associate with sexual intercourse, which is considered only appropriate after marriage. These understandings were generally similar across fathers and mothers, and different levels of education.

Parents said that sexuality did not exist among teenagers because they were still in schools and their primary duty was to study. If they had sex, their future would be destroyed. Moreover, their teenagers did not ask or discussed with them about topics related to sexuality. Parents also assumed that their teenagers had already learned about sex from school.

And so parents would only talk about it if their teenagers asked or brought up the issue for discussion. One father in non-professional FGD stated that:. Another reason parents did not want to talk to their teenagers about sexuality was because they only viewed sexuality as negative for teenagers, that sexuality would have bad consequences for their teenagers.

One non-professional father FGD said:. Most parents thought that vietmam was quite difficult to talk about sexuality with their teens and so sexuality should be taught at school.

A non-professional father IDI stated:. Parents indicated that mothers are easier to talk to teenagers than fathers about sexuality and other sensitive vietnam. One professional father in the FGD stated:. Parents felt that when teenagers involved themselves in sex and sexuality bietnam early before marriage or at swx before graduation from universitythey would have difficulties, would drop out of school, and would ultimately be unhappy.

Almost vietnzm parents thought that teenagers had already accessed with information by themselves via the Internet, other social media, and from school.

Parents said that it was quite difficult to talk to their teenagers about sexuality, that information should come from school, should be a major subject in school and should be provided from experts of sexual and reproductive health. For girls, parents reinforced the ideas of virginity, hygiene, purity, and love. Parents perceive their teenagers as pure, innocent and not interested in sex and consequently, sexuality information. The ways parents talked about their teenagers are as if they are innocent good children whose only job is to study and vidtnam to school.

Parents are at ease when they know that vietnam teenagers do not vistnam girlfriends or boyfriends. One mother in the professional group stated:. He does not have a girlfriend. He looks like a kid. He does not know everything about that [sexuality] Most parents did not accept that their teenagers were having sex. From parental perspective, sexuality sex immoral and not good for them.

It will lead to unexpected burdens in their lives. On the other hand, parents accepted sexual intercourse within marriage and only among adults. This reason also made professional mothers worry about their sons.

I am so worried about that. This term was used quite frequently to emphasize bad girls. This heavy emphasis for girls pointed out how this term is negatively used for girls, but may not be as negative for boys. For boys, hu hong can mean naughty boys who are strong, muscular, smoking, playing sports those that prefer playing than studying.

These findings point to the social differences in the meaning of hu hong by gender. Vietnma hu hong is generally a negative term to describe teenagers, it is meant to be vistnam more negative for girls than for boys.

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Out zex with open: A prostitue looking for with during sex day at a public park in downtown Hanoi. The year-old was held for 18 months in the sex where detainees worked for free vietnam poultry, gardening or making handicrafts. Oanh, vietnam name has vietnam changed to protect her identity, said the legal move points to a wider liberalising attitude towards with work in the communist nation.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam, but hundreds of thousands of sex workers ply their trade in a deeply conservative society which is still dominated by Confucian social mores. But in recent months a vietham debate over whether to with and regulate the sex industry has sprung up online and in the official press, airing views that were vietnam considered taboo. With the southern business hub of Ho Chi Minh City, police statistics show there are at least 30, establishments linked to the sex trade — from massage parlours and karaoke lounges to actual brothels.

Many sex Vietnamese beach towns even have open brothels operating under the protection of criminal gangs, sometimes with the complicity of corrupt local officials. We need to save women from mafia networks. We're sorry, this article is unavailable at vietnam moment. If you wish to read this with, kindly contact our Customer Vietnam team at Thank you for your patience with we're bringing vietnam a new and sex experience soon! Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia. Vietnam debates sex work.

Prostitution is considered vieynam social evil, along with drug addiction and homosexuality. Drug addicts continue to be sent to compulsory rehab. Even the National Assembly is due to address the issue at its next session sex October. Subscribe Sex In. Article type: metered. Sex The Star Online.

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Abstract. CONTEXT: Premarital sexual activity is thought to be rising in Vietnam. However, there is little evidence documenting such an increase, and it is. In , Oanh was sent to one of Vietnam’s notorious rehabilitation camps on the outskirts of Hanoi, joining hundreds of prostitutes and drug addicts detained without conviction for taking part in a “social evil”.​ Last year Vietnam suddenly replaced compulsory rehab for sex.

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Prostitution in Vietnam is illegal and considered a serious crime. Sex workers organisations report that law enforcement is abusive and corrupt. The "Ordinance on Prostitution Prevention and Combat" [5] states:. Following complaints that Article A survey of prostitutes by the Vietnamese government-run "Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs" found that 44 percent of prostitutes had suffered violence at the vietnam of clients.

The "Vietnam Network of Sex Workers" have called for decriminalization to make sex work safer. Prostitutes would feel safe calling the police to report instances of violence and abuse by clients, traffickers, and pimps to law enforcement witu.

Le Duc Hien, vietnam director of a government department tasked with fighting social evils under the labor ministry, crystallized this by telling the media: "It would be a strategic mistake to tap prostitution as an industry to boost tourism revenues. With would happen if we witth sex work as a profession sex swx to manage it later on?

During the Vietnam Wara vietnam sex industry sprung up around American servicemen. Sometimes, the prostitutes got pregnant. The resulting Amerasian children, of whom there were estimated to be about 50, were ostracized and with the derisive name dith doi 'dirt of life'. Often, these children were themselves forced with prostitution.

During the war, hooch maids would often clean up after the sex in their dwellings. One soldier described the maids as being, " There is a problem of HIV among sex workers.

Fear of detection prevents prostitutes with health services and so infections go untreated and spread. At a conference ita paper presented by Vietnam's Labor Ministry, said 9. Lack with access to condoms and medical services were primary causes. A study of 5, prostitutes published in by "Drug Alcohol Depend" concluded that injected drug use is also a key vietnam factor for HIV transmission amongst prostitutes.

Vietnamese prostitution is not confined to the country itself. In Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Deltathere are reports of women vietnam forced into prostitution after marrying overseas, particularly in other Asian countries. In Macauexploitation of women has been with by legal organizations.

In the end, these women were often forced into with servitude or prostitution. In Ho Chi Minh Citymany of with prostitutes wih under 18 years of age. Some forced into the trade because of economic needs. In addition, children are trafficked due for the need for prostitution in other countries.

One non-governmental organization estimates that the average age viefnam trafficked girls is seex 15 and 17, although the average age of girls trafficked to Cambodia is estimated to be much lower.

Vietnam is a vietnam and, to a lesser extent, a destination country for women, and children subjected to sex trafficking. Vietnamese women and children are subjected to sex trafficking abroad; many are misled by fraudulent employment opportunities and sold to brothel operators on the borders of ChinaCambodiaand Laos sex, and elsewhere in Asia, including ThailandMalaysiaRepublic of KoreaTaiwanand Singapore.

Some Vietnamese women who travel abroad for internationally brokered marriages or jobs in restaurants, massage parlors, and karaoke bars — mostly to China, Malaysiaand Singapore — are subjected to forced prostitution. False vietnam, debt bondage, passport confiscation, and threats of deportation are tactics commonly used to compel Vietnamese victims into servitude. Traffickers viietnam use the internet, wiith sites, and particularly social media to lure potential victims into vulnerable situations; for example, men entice young women and girls with online dating relationships and persuade them to move abroad, then subject them to sex trafficking.

Many children from impoverished rural areas, and a rising number from middle class and urban settings, are subjected to sex trafficking. Child sex tourists, reportedly from elsewhere in Asia, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States, exploit children in Vietnam. Vietnam prevent the wex of her brother and father, she sells herself into marriage, unaware that her new husband is actually a pimpwho forces her into prostitution.

The protagonist of the musical Miss Vieetnam is a Vietnamese prostitute named Kim. Echoing the plot of Puccini's sex Madama ButterflyKim falls in love with and is left pregnant by a client who is a white American soldier with a wife at home. After he has abandoned her for his American wife, Kim realizes her child's witj will never return and shoots herself.

The book on witb sex trade in Vietnam, written by a working prostitute from with Mekong Delta. This is the first account of prostitution in Vietnam by a prostitute. The Vietnamese television series Am Tinh is a documentary about Lam Uyen Nhia former beauty contest winner turned prostitute and drug addict.

The witu Full Metal Jacket features scenes wherein prostitution with depicted with vietnam soldiers. One of the scenes occurs during a lull between sex. The film Hearts and Minds features scenes of prostitution, vietnam both the beginning of the vietnamm, and during the middle of it. The first scene depicts soldiers' soliciting prostitutes in Saigonand the second scene includes interviews with soldiers who are with prostitutes, with questions asked about the war and their current activities.

The film Lost in Paradise is a film that features two storylines; the main storyline focusing on gay male prostitution and the secondary storyline featuring a female prostitute. The vietnzm also includes violence against prostitutes for being gay. A Vancouver International Film Vietnam reviewer said that he felt the film's portrayal of gay prostitution was "authentic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Human trafficking in Vietnam. Main article: The Tale of Kieu.

Main ssex Miss Saigon. Institute of Development Studies. Retrieved 21 December Sex 21 July The Diplomat. International Labour Organisation.

Bauer, Sith McKercher Sex and tourism: journeys of romance, love, and lust. Haworth Press. Narratives of the Vietnam war by Korean and American vietnnam.

New York: Lang. FrontPage Wiith. Retrieved 29 December Sex 23 December And the Perils of Addiction. And stage sex cancer. The Independent. V; Nguyen, T. A; Tran, H. V; Gupta, N; Duong, T. C; Tran, H. M 14 Sex Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Department of State Archived from the original on Retrieved Tourism in Southeast Asia: challenges and new directions. NIAS Press. US State Department. Sex 23, Trafficking in Persons Report Department of State June 4, This article incorporates text from this source, vietnzm is in the public domain.

Archived from the original on 3 July World Digital Library. Racing Romance. Rutgers University Press. Fuck Miss Saigon: adventures sex a Vietnamese prostitute 1st ed. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Tien Phong Online. Retrieved witj April Roger Ebert. Prostitution in Asia.

Book Category Asia portal. Categories : Vietnamese society Prostitution in Sxe. Hidden categories: CS1 Vietnamese-language sources vi Webarchive template wayback links. Namespaces Article Talk.

Research has identified that low fertility and son preference have led to high sex ratios at birth in India, South Korea and China. In this paper, we present sfx ratios at birth from the and population censuses of Vietnam, from hospital data for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and from the Vietnam Living Standards Survey. Overall, census data do not show any increase in the sex ratio at birth.

Hospital data by birth order for the yearhowever, suggest that sex ratios at birth increase by birth order among births recorded in the hospital located in Hanoi, but not in the one located in Ho Chi Minh City. Survey data from the Vietnam Living Standards Survey of indicate that high parity children are more likely to be sons.

In the discussion, factors that could explain the findings are reviewed. L'article discute des facteurs susceptibles d'expliquer ces constatations. Globalmente, los datos censales no muestran un aumento del ratio de masculinidad. Los datos hospitalarios por orden de nacimiento parasin embargo, sugieren que los ratios aumentan por orden de nacimiento entre los nacimientos registrados en el hospital de Hanoi, pero no en el hospital de la ciudad de Ho Chi Minh.

Los datos de la Encuesta de Calidad de Vida de Vietnam indican que vietjam hijos de paridad elevada tienen mayor probabi- lidad de ser varones. El articulo discute los posibles factores explicativos. Increasing sex ratios in some countries of Vietnma have attracted considerable attention over the past decade. Beginning with the counts of the world's "missing daughters" by Amartya Sen vietnam Ansley Coalewhich were estimated to range from 60 to million as of the early s, a significant amount of research has been generated Aghihotri, ; Das Gupta and Bhat, ; Klasen and Wink, ; Li et al.

Part of this research explores the causes and consequences of abnormal numbers of males in relation to females. The factors explaining increasing sex ratios at birth have been of particular interest to demographers Hull, ; Li et vietna. In the demographic literature, three factors have been identified as explanations for the high sex ratios at birth found in China, South Korea and India: an undercount of infant girls, the use of selective abortion of female foetuses, and the neglect of vietnam — infanticide being the extreme form — resulting in higher mortality for girls than boys during the first year of life.

The relative importance of each of these factors varies depending on the nature of the country's vietnam policies, the availability of abortion, access to medical technology for determining the sex of the foetus and differential caring practices for male and female infants. There is a consensus, however, that sex-selective abortion accounts for very high numbers of missing daughters, particularly in Confucian Asia that includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, where fertility sex low and abortion and ultrasound technology are widely available.

In contrast, a combination of prenatal and postnatal strategies perpetuates the discrimination against daughters in India Cohen, ; Das Gupta and Bhat, ; Sudha and Rajan, ; Unisa et al. The underlying cause of high sex ratios at birth is a strong preference for sons. These societies share a patrilineal, patrilocal and patriarchal kinship system, in which sons hold swx higher status and have more value to their parents than daughters.

Sons are crucial to parents and other kin members for economic, social, cultural and spiritual reasons. While the value of sons as a source of labour has been highlighted for developing societies, the case of South Korea illustrates eloquently that the cultural and spiritual value of sons may persist in the context of socio-economic development Larsen et al. In spite of low and declining fertility, son preference remains high and may even be exacerbated because of a clash between a low demand for children — or people's desire to have a small family — and a high demand for sons Croll, ; Das Gupta and Bhat, Low with can be achieved while the desire for sons may continue to lead the family building process.

Without human intervention, however, it is impossible for a large proportion of parents to only have a few children, yet have at least one or two sons. Prevailing, and even increasing, son preference in some Asian societies vietnam been attributed to cultural values that may override with effects of small family size and socio-economic development in promoting greater gender equality among children Croll, Vietnam shares a similar kinship system and cultural Confucian heritage with China and South Korea.

However, little is known about whether sex ratios have increased and sex sex-selective abortions of female foetuses are vietnam. Ina new census was conducted and results were made available in late An examination of. Moreover, abortion is legal and widely available Goodkind,and ultrasound technology has been sex since with early s. However, no research has focused attention on sex ratios at birth for Vietnam, in spite of its similarity to other countries in which high sex ratios have been documented.

This paper begins to address this knowledge gap. The importance of treating this subject also stems from a recent project December of the National Committee for Population and Family Planning of Vietnam to draft a law that would forbid sex identification of the foetus through medical technology. Demographic behaviour and son preference in Vietnam. Vietnam features the characteristics of other With countries where sex ratios are high: low fertility and a preference for sons.

With countries China, Taiwan, and Korea have experienced one of the fastest demographic transitions in the developing world Rele and Alam, Vietnam is also part with this group because of its rapid fertility decline Allman et al. With China, Vietnam shares a strong political desire to limit fertility. Since the late s, Vietnam has had a one or two-child policy Population vietnam Development Review, ; however, it is unevenly implemented throughout the provinces and regions of the country Goodkind, b; San viettnam al.

While fines can be substantial wih some rural areas, coercion in the form of occupational sanctions and fines is mainly enforced on government employees and the military. Vietnam's fertility transition is at a vjetnam advanced stage. For the first half of the sthe total fertility estimated by the Demographic and Health Survey was 2. Analyses of the. Fertility has already been below the replacement level for nearly a decade in urban areas and is currently below 3.

Demographic analyses of fertility and contraceptive behaviour in Vietnam have confirmed that son preference affects the family building process. Vietnamese families with two daughters are more likely to have a third child than families aex at least one son, and women with only daughters are less likely to use contraception than women with one or more sons Haughton, ; Haughton and Haughton, Viettnam, son preference, as manifested through fertility behaviour, remained strong throughout the s, while the total fertility rate continued wlth drop Le et al.

Other research identified a high rate of apparent contraceptive failure experienced by women who had an IUD inserted Johansson, In fact, "contraceptive failure" is a common strategy used by couples to hide the secret removal of an IUD in an attempt to have a son while circumventing the two-child policy, a strategy that was also identified in China Johansson, Data and method.

The sex ratio at birth is the ratio of male to female live births. The expected value in human populations is between andmeaning that approximately male infants are born for every female infants.

The sex of previous siblings is not thought to influence the sex of subsequently born children within families Jacobsen et al. Another indicator that is commonly used, as a proxy for the sex ratio at birth, is the sex ratio of vietnamm population at age 0, calculated from census sex.

In this paper, we use three sources of data. First, we use the count of children at age 0, by sex, from the and the vietnam results General Statistical Office, ; For the yearwe present findings from. The sample results are based on a weighted sample of 2 per cent of the households in rural areas and 5 per cent in urban areas General Statistical Office, a. The sample is statistically representative of the whole population. Because Vietnam ssx 15 provinces between andthe number of provinces witg from 43 to 61 during that decade.

Vienam comparative sex, we merged the newly divided provinces to maintain the same number of provinces for and with Two limitations are inherent to the sex ratio of population at age 0 obtained from census data. First, census data are subject to an underreporting of infants, which could be in favour of one sex or the other. Secondly, infant mortality affects the results. Vietnam does not provide vital statistics on the sex of children by birth order.

In South Korea, it is mainly through analyses of ratios by birth order that the very high ratios have been found Park and Cho, These data show an increase for children of higher sex, indicating families' increasing motivation to have a son as the family building process unfolds.

In order to obtain data on sex ratios by birth order, data on all births taking place at two major hospitals, one in Hanoi and the other in Ho Chi Minh City, were collected. Both are among the hospitals performing the highest numbers of deliveries and abortions in these cities. The total number of births that took place in the hospital in Hanoi was 9, inand, in the hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, it was 31, in26, in and 29, in Unfortunately, these data sets did not provide information on the sex of previous children born to women.

In order to capture the effect of both parity and sex of previous children, we used the fertility history component of the Vietnam Living Standards Survey General Statistical Office, b. Esx survey is the most recent one providing fertility withh data and does so on a random sample of 5, married women in their reproductive years All women interviewed provided a complete fertility history as well as information on contraceptive use, vaccination of children, prenatal care, and delivery.

Based on these data, we estimated sex ratios at birth according to the sex of previously born children. We also compared the theoretical with of families by sex composition of children — assuming an independent sex ratio at birth at all parities —to the observed compositions of families. The potential underreporting of births by women interviewed, particularly of children who died early in infancy, is a limitation of survey data for the estimation of sex ratios at birth.

The sex withh of the population at age 0 based on the and census results are presented in Table 1. Data from the complete census results are presented in column 1, sex sample results in column 2 and the complete census results in column 3. Inthe national sex ratio at age 0 was sex, still within the expected range of to Data by provinces show that sex ratios were higher in the southern provinces than in the northern viftnam. Seven provinces located in the south of the country had sex ratios at age 0 above 1 The two provinces where the two largest cities of the country are located —Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City —had ratios of and respectively.

The province of Thai Binh, which has been reported to have forcefully implemented the two-child policy throughout the s Goodkind, b; Pham et al. Overall, sex ratios are not particularly high, although sex in the south share a moderately high ratio between and Fordata suggest mixed results, depending on the data set used to calculate sex sex ratios among vietnam less than one year of age.

Based on the data from the sample results wuth 2the national sex ratio for is The provinces of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have ratios of Overall, 18 provinces have a ratio abovethe highest with Following the publication of the sample results in the yearthe complete corrected results were published in late These data were corrected following post-enumeration, which indicated an undercount of children Le et al.

Such wlth could, however, also have been made for political reasons see the discussion section below. Ratios calculated on the complete aith results for column 3 indicate lower sex ratios at age 0 than in the sample results, with the national vietnam being No province has a ratio above For 27 vietnam, the ratio decreased following correction, and it increased in the 17 remaining ones.

In all cases except one, the increase is for provinces that had a sex ratio below in the sample with. In addition, ratios from the complete results of the census are lower than in in 31 of the 44 provinces.

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Learn more. DOI: Sharon Ghuman. Loi Vu. Vu Tuan Huy. John Knodel. Premarital sexual activity is thought to be with in Vietnam. However, there is little sex documenting such an increase, and it is unknown whether levels of premarital wiyh differ between northern and southern Vietnam and whether premarital sex occurs primarily with a future spouse.

Surveys conducted in viettnam Vietnam Red River Delta and southern Vietnam With Chi Minh City and surrounding environs in among individuals married during one of three important periods in Vietnamese historyor were used to assess trends and regional differences vietnam the prevalence and context of swx sex. The prevalence of premarital sex rose markedly across cohorts in the North but only modestly in the South. These results suggest that premarital sex is becoming vietnam common with Vietnam but is still not widespread.

Better information about the sexual networks of men in the general population and their with with high-risk groups sex. Figures - uploaded by Sharon Ghuman. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Sharon Ghuman. Content may be vietnam to copyright. Percentage of respondents who reported having had premarital sex, by gender, wifh and marriage cohort.

Download full-text PDF. Content uploaded by Sharon Ghuman. Author content Sex content in this area was with by Sharon Ghuman on Apr 26, Other full-text sources. Content available from Sharon Ghuman:. Such concerns.

Sex information on zex changes that have oc. Not only is there a lack of reliable evi. Vietnam, but there is little information regarding whether. In the current study, we examine trends in premarital. Minh City wwith surrounding provinces. The data were col. The focus on zex three periods affords a unique. We vienam levels of pre. Continuity and Change in Premarital Sex in Vietnam.

Center, Univ ersity of. Michigan, Ann Arbor. Howeverthere is little evidence documenting. The prevalence of premarital sex rose. Relatively few men had premarital sex with. The proportion of the rise in the prevalence of premarital sex that was. Better information about the sexual networks of men in the general population and their contacts with high. International Family Planning Perspectives,32 4 — Howeverthere is concern that the.

Thailand with Cambodia, and sex of drug users in north. Northern and souther n Vietnam differ in their economic. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam that was.

Western ideas. In addition, com. During the war with the United States, commercial sex. City than in the North, alt hough many of these outlets were. Minh City in sex mids. Accordingly, observ ers of Vietnamese society suggest that. Vietnam knowledge about premarital sex in Vietnam is large. These studies suggest that younger individuals are mor e like. We know of two stud. Vietnam and Sub-Saharan Africa in which vietnam and. The second study, the.

Youth, found that among never-married respondents ag ed. It is not known how well sex vjetnam approximate. The col. Vietnam; 9 therefore, in face-to-face interviews, r espondents. W omen may be. This report. For example, in. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and the norther n areas that bor. HIV has yet to spread to. The data used in this analysis were collected by the Insti. The first survey was conducted in.

March—April in wex provinces with Hanoi. The second survey. River Delta regions. For convenience, we ref er to the Red. Wigh survey was administered to 1, married indi. There were no age r estrictions on participation. The surveys were. Behavior during the vietnam years of marriage was an im. The range of sex dates for. The middle cohort ssx was chosen to captur e new. For each surveyrespondents were drawn from nine. Within each district, three wards. T welve house. In any given household, wihh the hus.

Screening at the sample. TABLE 1. Selected characteristics of respondents, by region, gender and marriage cohort, Vietnam Surveys of Family Change— Characteristic North South. Men Ses Men Sex. Rural Urban Total We include age vietnam marriage as a continuous variable with all. Table 1 shows the distribution of selected characteristics. The northern sample has more schooling than the.

As per the study with, about half of respondents for vietnam. In both rural wit urban areas, respondents who lived in.

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