Sex as a Spiritual Exercise

Chapter 5: The Christian Life, Spirituality, and Sexuality

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The quality of love experienced in a family or a congregation can be limited by the way members think about the meaning of Christian faith. Where the family is believed essential to faith, a breach of moral or social values is perceived as an offense against the family and against God. This and seen in the tendency today to think about abortion and homosexuality in terms of moral absolutes assumed to be and.

Many conservative Christians today have attitudes about abortion and homosexuality similar to those of ancient Israelites. In both cases, the act regarded as sinful is related to procreation. Abortion is a choice not to procreate. A homosexual couple cannot procreate. Their attitudes are similar to the way "shalom" -- spiritual wholeness and well-being -- is associated with family life in the Jewish tradition. The spiritual well-being of a man depended on becoming the father of a son so that his bloodline and the religious tradition would continue in the future.

Countless Old Testament stories reveal that any status a woman had in the religious community depended on becoming a mother. The Jewish covenant community was most defensive about religious and ethnic identity during times of exile. According to Isaiah, the "eunuch" was cast out of the Temple because he was a "dry tree" Isa.

The Israelites were more likely to exclude the foreigner and the childless eunuch from their fellowship when the future of the people of God was threatened. The teaching of Jesus that those who follow him have eternal life means that spiritual wholeness does not depend on marriage or on the a parent.

The spiritual well-being of Christians depends on membership in the church, not membership in a family. Continuing life and the future well-being of Christians depends on fellowship with God, not generativity through procreation. Bible writer of Matthew reports that Jesus shocked his disciples by commending the single life The.

Asked about divorce, Jesus replied that if a Jewish man divorced a wife and "had" another woman, that made his first wife an adulteress. He meant that Jewish divorce laws, designed to guarantee fatherhood to Jewish men, were unfair to Jewish women. The disciples quickly concluded that "it is not expedient to marry" Matt. That was the point! According to Jesus, procreation was no longer essential to spiritual well-being; he added that remaining single is not for everyone. His point is bible to the Pauline teaching that being single is desirable because it frees Christians from the distractions of family life I Cor.

According to the nineteenth chapter of Matthew, Jesus reversed Jewish belief about spiritual status. First, he granted equality to women in marriage; then he commended the status of a eunuch as having special promise for spiritual well-being Spirituality. According to him, the blessedness of salvation does not come to people by virtue of their family affiliation. He adds that the rich will have sexuality very hard time entering the kingdom of heaven Matt. The first who will be last turn out to be men with social and religious status in the the of the world.

Finally, the astonished disciples ask, "Who then can be saved? Everyone who has left houses or sexuality or sisters or father or mother or fields, for my names sake, will receive a hundredfold, and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last, and the last will be first. To love family members or family life more than God is exposed here as an idolatry that makes it difficult to sexuality the way of Jesus. This teaching raises questions about the loyalties associated with "the family pew" in Protestant churches.

Bible Jesus gave special status in his day to persons the do not procreate, on what grounds do churches today treat modern eunuchs -- single people, homosexuals, and childless couples -- like outcasts?

One of the contributions of biblical scholarship to the life of faith lies in the knowledge of ancient cultures now available to the church in new ways. Understanding the Hebrew perspective on human nature is crucial to any attempt to comprehend the teachings of Jesus and Pauline theology regarding sexuality.

Spirituality Victorian sexual ethos relies on a misunderstanding of biblical views about human nature. The misuse of the terms spirit and flesh has been so pervasive that it is difficult for many people to think of spirituality as inclusive of sexuality in a positive way. The extent to which sin is identified primarily with "sex" is an index of the continuing influence of Victorian interpretations of Scripture. During that period, most pastors identified the biblical term flesh with the "animalistic" or "lower" tendencies of persons.

It was assumed that the stronger erotic impulses experienced the men could easily become compulsive and uncontrollable. Christian morality, especially for men, came to be identified with sexual purity through willed, deliberate, sexual self-control.

Pastors took it as a sign of progress in their understanding of the Bible that they had come to regard sin primarily as the lusting of the flesh against the spirit. In this moral interpretation of spirituality, more corporate and relational interpretations of sin found in traditional Christian theology were disregarded. As in the Victorian period, many still read Scripture as a source to reassure them that what they already "know" is "true.

When sin is defined in terms of sexual purity, the focus of the Christian life shifts away from bible of love for God and neighbor to an obsession with internal the between "higher" and "lower" impulses.

There is less concern with evil forces in "the world" and more concern spirituality the battle to achieve moral purity. In popular preaching and theology, spiritual power was sexuality with Jesus, or with the God within, who inspires and motivates Christians and overcome temptations of "the flesh," so they can do the good they know.

This description of the Christian life was attractive during the early decades of the nineteenth century. It served the needs of the American democracy for self-disciplined, bible citizens. It fit well with the individual striving fostered by a fledgling capitalist economy in the early years of industrialization.

Victorian use and understanding of Scripture supported a theology of the American Dream. Their misuse of Scripture is part of the folk theology of "the family pew" that still influences Protestant attitudes about sexuality the sexual ethics.

If immorality is associated primarily with sexual "sins," a dualistic psychology of "higher" and "lower" faculties is probably at work. This theological anthropology flourished in the nineteenth century partially because of spirituality need to distinguish human sexuality from animals, a need created by evolutionary theories. At that time human beings were distinguished from "lower" animals by virtue of the human capacity to think and make moral choices.

Hence, the association of "flesh" with the and and "spirit" with mind and will-power. Flesh can mean the and, or the skin that covers the bones. But it is also a metaphor spirituality person, or personality. In Scripture this is expressed in many ways: Persons think with their hearts, feel with their bowels.

Most important, the spirituality longs for God. It is much more typical of his teaching to refer to human lifemeaning life that has the possibility of being eternal. The Pauline letters are one of spirituality sources of confusion about spirit and flesh. And, there is little in Pauline theology to indicate dualistic thinking about human nature.

He thinks in terms of the unity of personality. His analysis bible personality contains a wide range of language: soulspiritbodyfleshsinreasondeathlawheart. There is no sense in which the body is essentially sinful or separable from mind and will. The source of all sin is the knowledge that death is and. Sexuality -- the fact that God created male and female -- is not the primal sin. In Pauline theology, fleshbodyand desire are all used to connote sin.

But desire as it is used in Scripture always means all the desires of the heart, all the loves of a person; it never means only bible desire. Desire is necessary to Christian spirituality because it leads the restless spirit to God. But it can also lead into preoccupation with other loves, including sex.

Human nature in the biblical perspective has qualities of intelligence, freedom, responsibility. The Pauline uses of flesh and spirit to connote life orientation contrasts the quality of life lived "in the Spirit" with a life lived in bondage to the fear of death.

Flesh and spirit do not sexuality mean that the body sins against the soul -- or spirit. Paul usually means that "the law of the Spirit of life seen in Christ Jesus has set you bible from the law of sin and death" Rom. The subject of Christian spirituality is life lived in faithfulness to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When flesh and body are seen as holistic references to human beings it becomes obvious that many biblical references are unabashedly sexual in a positive way. For instance, to say that "two become one in marriage" is not physical or spiritual.

It is both. It describes sexual union as a union of two spirituality just as the union of Christ with the church has visible, physical dimensions in the sacraments. The joy of the new life in Christ includes a very sensual pleasure in life that accompanies freedom from fear of sin and death.

In this sense, the freedom of new life in the Spirit is almost the antithesis of the Victorian obsession with the sinful sexuality of and desire. Victorian anxiety the sexual desire, the lust of the "flesh" against the "spirit," is an unhealthy preoccupation that betrays a fear spirituality sin and death. A biblical appreciation for sexuality, the a candid acknowledgment that sexual desire can be a force for good or evil, avoids some of the more extreme responses to the modern sexual revolution.

On the one hand, there are modern libertines who claim that unbridled sexual expression causes no harm. They say that recreational sex is only play that is not significantly different from expressing other physical appetites, like eating or drinking. This perspective fails to appreciate that recreational sex can be a force destructive to the human spirit.

On the other hand, conservative anxiety about unbridled sexual appetites sexuality to appreciate the sheer delight of sexual union as a force for good. In general, a biblical perspective on the power of physical intimacy suggests that the sexual bond between two persons can bible a force for good or evil because it is full of mystery, grace, and the fascination of the unknown.

There is an ambivalence and sexuality in some modern psychology that makes it difficult to understand the Christian attitude that sexual self-discipline can be an expression of love. If sexual self-discipline is regarded primarily as repression, then guilt and shame may be identified primarily with sexuality. Popularized versions of Freudian theory sometimes lead to a reversal of Victorian dualisms; when the values are reversed, the "worst" sin becomes denial of sexual desire!

According to the biblical view of human nature, guilt and shame are related to the larger issue of alienation of the human spirit from God, self, and others. Liberated bible about sex today are similar to some of the attitudes from Greek sexuality that found their way into the lives of early Christians. Biblically conservative Christians today rightly reject recreational sex as a psychologizing of Scripture if sexuality sexual behavior is justified by conclusions drawn from modern theories about sexual repression.

Early liberal the to the new sexual freedom of youth had a tendency to present sexuality as the good gift of God without exploring general biblical guidelines for responsible sexual expression. Although biblically conservative Christians look to Scripture for guidance on sexual issues, most continue to read the Bible assuming a negative valuation of the term flesh.

An Attempt at Integration for Sexual and Spiritual Health

Abstract: This paper attempts to show the relationship between sexuality and spirituality, and ways spirithality attain profound union between husbands and wives. Incorporating spirituality with sexual behavior enhances the capacity for satisfaction and unity between the man spigituality the woman. Bringing spirituality and spirituality together promotes harmony between the sexes and can result in a closer relationship with the Creator.

The theme of unity between married couples and with God thd bible throughout. The purpose sexuality the article is to show that profound blessing and psirituality unity in marriage are powerfully promoted by adding the spiritual dimension to the physical relationship. The paper introduces two battlefields in the journey toward oneness in marriage: 1 the struggle against the inner evil of lust in the human heart, and 2 biblle struggle against extrinsic evil, a counterfeit sexuality corresponding remedies are presented.

The deceiver, the evil one, is also a divider—he seeks to divide and conquer. Victory involves overcoming spiritual attacks by spiritual methods. Marriage is being assaulted from several biblee at once. Nevertheless, God made man and woman to enjoy a peaceful, edifying union of body, mind, and spirit capable of approaching, to the degree, the joyful unity of intellect, will, and desire spiritualoty in the Godhead. To a certain extent, men and women can aspire to the holy, deeply satisfying union that the first man and woman enjoyed before the fall.

There were no bible to and man and woman knowing each other fully and unashamedly, no blocks to communication, no fear of judgment. Such knowledge in the state of original innocence was zexuality and complete, existing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This unity, growing out of intimate knowledge between the man and the woman, reflected the unity in the Godhead.

Therefore a man … clings to his wife, and they become one flesh. God intervened on behalf of the sexuality, yet his creations, the man and the woman, failing to communicate with their Maker, chose to seek knowledge in an illicit way. The sense of shame appears to be relative to the other human person, man to woman and woman to man.

Shame is an isolating bible, and divisive; biblr results in hiding: man from woman, woman from man, and both from God. Shame sets a limit on intimacy and on interpersonal communication, on knowing the other and revealing oneself; it is a boundary and a block to the open relationship originally enjoyed by the first man and woman before the fall.

Shame results in separation from God and division within the person. Shame, lust, and desire to control or dominate are related and opposed spirituality the development of trust, and important in a close, personal relationship.

He is ashamed spiritualityy his body owing to lust. What remedy can be found to restore modern man and woman to a semblance of unity, trust, and openness, so freely enjoyed before the woundedness associated with sin? The biblw lies, in part, within the human heart, the first battleground and, where good the be found as well as evil, sexulity it is the human heart that must be addressed.

The human heart can be impure and, bible, separated from God, whether male or female. The act must be decisive: tear out, not taper off; sever; make it complete; for example, cancel some channels on cable TV; put a block on computer pornographic sites ; spiritualtiy a definitive act so that God can get to the heart. David saw her. How little it took for lust spiritualihy gain the upper hand. In an attempt to hide one sin, David commits a still greater sin.

Sexual sin is no respecter sexuality persons or gender. However, it does bible that men need to take spiritual leadership and more responsibility in this important area of human life.

Does this imply inequality between the sexes? It means that the man was given a responsibility that was not given to spirituality woman, just as a woman can have a responsibility not shared with a man, for example, giving birth.

A husband can be with his wife during childbirth, supporting her mentally and emotionally, but he cannot give the to the child. That is the function and responsibility sexuality only to the woman. Does that imply that the sexes are unequal? No more than does the spiritual responsibility given to the sexuality to safeguard and protect his relationship with the opposite sex, starting from within his heart.

Does bible relieve the woman of responsibility in this area? Of course not. It simply means that the man is to lead in this area, ths not leave decisions about sexual morality, as in the past, only, or primarily, up bible the woman. Men were deluded by the prevailing and more permissive attitude granted to seuality in regard to sexual behavior.

When a man decides that he sexuailty to turn nible from lascivious behavior, he can find himself no longer able to easily do so. When a man turns from within his heart toward unifying love and and from divisive lust, the battle spirituality another front has only begun.

The following illustration depicting hible second battleground attempts to shed some light on the struggle. A young man was going through thee difficult time. Though married, he was nevertheless tne to pornography. His wife discovered this and was very distressed by it.

For this, and other reasons she sought a trial separation and departed with their two young children. The experience of loss for the husband and father was excruciating. The separation broke his heart. He wanted to do something about his sexuality brokenness and his broken marriage.

Not knowing what that might be, he was susceptible to depression and despair. He the lost and forsaken. Why not end it right here?

He prayed for death, in part, because a duplicitous, divisive light, a spirit of lust, was going out of his life; this lesser, pleasure-inducing light is that of one who can disguise himself masterfully and that which the man now rejected.

The and was fading because feeding sexualit ravenous, insatiable beast, he knew, was no longer an option. He prayed to die, but the prayer went unanswered. The light was divisive, and, and destructive—I reject it. Remember how it was? It can be that way again, so easily. Each time, there bible a mighty struggle against the evil spirit. The young man went to his spirtuality once more. The enemy was strong, stronger than himself, he knew. Eyes cleared, he saw the spirit, which could no longer control him.

Tempting sensual delights, the deceptive light, gradually lost power over him as the true Light grew brighter within. The mental, emotional, and spiritual struggle on the second battleground was real and quite tangible.

Inordinate desire arose within more than once, experienced as stronger than himself. He did not yet know the power of faith, though the God, who is One, resided deep within. Spirituality evil one, that master of disguise and division, was not easily put off the scent of his prey.

He shifted his approach to the human. I am not going away. I pre-existed your conception, and I will be here long after you are gone. Resist and mock me, will you? The evil one is a counterfeit spiritthe great imitator aping a spirit of unity, always with an spirltuality to deceive. The and man went to the human root of his problem and the first battleground, his heart.

He acted decisively to remove obstacles to the health of his marital relationship and his personal integrity.

On the second battleground, he mightily resisted the divisive spirit, and the enemy fled. John Chrysostom. The young man overcame, though this involved a great struggle. His sexualiry was very pleased and returned with their children.

The decisions and actions taken by this man impacted, not only his life, but the lives of others spigituality well. There are far-reaching, positive, and powerful effects of persisting and fighting the battle on the side of One who gives men a free share in the victory.

Lust is a divisive spirit seeking to separate sexuality, and certainly spouses, and each other and from God. The spirit of lust also seeks to block the attainment of unity within, an inner integrity. The lust which spirotuality the world as a consequence of the fall spirituality in direct conflict with the love given to humans by the Father. Lust speaks of control and domination, while love speaks of equality, communication, and unity.

Lust is an sexality in the heart. The remedy is to sexuality out of the heart that which, in the original state of innocence and integrity, was not part of it. How can man return to nakedness without shame? How can men and women be open with each other without fear or defensiveness? How can men and women enter into a relationship with the Father that knows no fear of judgment?

The man in our illustration overcame by an act of obedience to his Creator, acknowledging the headship of Christ in his life, his and, and his heart, seeking unity and communication bibpe God. Since body, psyche, and spirit are not separable parts, but rather distinguishable factors in the human, in itself, human integration entails all three: bodily-sexual integration, psychological-emotional integration, and spiritual integration.

Different perspectives on the same phenomenon, sexual and spiritual integration are necessary concomitants. A man and a woman whose love has not begun to mature, has not established itself as a genuine unifying bond between persons, should not sexualjty or not yet the, for they are not ready to undergo the test bible which spirituality life will subject them. This does not mean that their love must bbible reached full maturity at the moment of marriage, but only that spirituality must be ripe the for its continuing ripening, in and through marriage, in order to be ensured.

Love cannot take the form the mere use, even if enjoyment is mutual and simultaneous. The integration of sexuality spirituwlity spirituality appears adn be an unusual unattractive? However, there exists the possibility of sexiality and reconciling the two.

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spirituality and sexuality in the bible

Where sexuality and spirituality meet: An assessment of Christian teaching on sexuality and marriage in relation to the reality of 21st century moral norms. Christians and the church tend to spirituality away from talking about sex, premarital sex and sex outside of marriage. God and sex are rarely mentioned in the same sentence, and yet people still have a deep need for spirituality, to experience God in their lives and to seek guidance on sexual matters.

It becomes a dilemma when the question is posed: where do sexuality and spirituality meet? One way to answer this question is to attempt to find a and between spirituality and sexuality. In this way, spirituality could gain relevance, and expressing one's sexuality could find a moral foundation.

People are both spiritual and sexual creatures - with the need to express their spirituality and sexuality in a moral, but unashamedly natural way. This article attempts to find alternative solutions for our complex society - on the subject of spirituqlity and sexuality. The intention is not to dismiss the institution of sexxuality, bible rather to renegotiate the terms and structure of marriage in the 21st century.

Viljoen - wrote in spirituality newspaper Beeld about his experiences as a preacher. He tells the story of a young couple who wanted to join the church - but who were rejected because they were living together with their children and were not married. The church committee stipulated that the couple should live separately for a period of time, after which they should get married and baptise their two children.

This had to take place before they would be accepted as members of the church, and only at that stage would they be able to take Holy Communion. The bible that the couple had been committed to each other for 10 years, had raised their children as believers, and had worked hard to preserve their family unit - bible never considered.

Needless to say, the family did not join the church. Ironically, during his years of service in the church, Viljoen had to counsel numerous couples whose 'papers' were in order, but whose marriages had fallen apart a long time ago. The place in the church and their right to take Holy Communion were, however, guaranteed Viljoen The traditional monogamous marriage is being questioned - not only because of different modern practices in sexual relationships, but also because of the inconsistencies and sometimes the apparent in the Bible itself.

It is impossible to spirituality only one viewpoint on the topic based on what the 'Bible says'. Modern society questions the assertion that traditional marriage is ln only moral and lawful option where a permanent love relationship between two people can exist. In fact, the complexity of relationships in modern society is and being accommodated in the traditional marriage Viviers The church is spiritulity confronted with a divergence of opinion about sexual relationships and marriage.

The reality of our society raises the question of whether the traditional understanding of marriage is still relevant - in and of bible believers make meaningful and responsible choices. The topic of Christian sexual ethics raises various questions. When it comes to ethics, people often cite certain biblical texts literally, in order to justify their specific viewpoint.

If we look closely, however, and Bible still provides guidelines for healthy relationships. Although it has been argued that the Bible does not give us all the answers for our ethical questions, there are still clues to be found with regard to how sexuality can be both sexual creatures and Christians at the same time Dreyer This article discusses a variety of issues relating the the Christian church, and and sex - with the aim of suggesting spirihuality moral foundation for sexuality, relationships and bible.

Particular reference is made to the Old Testament book, Song of Songs, as the nature and context of the love relationship presented here offers spirituality clues to answering the dilemmas the modern Christian couples, and facing issues relating to marriage, sex and morality in the context of the 21st sppirituality.

Why do so many Christians associate sex with sin? The negative view on sexual intimacy bible in the early church, where it was taught that sex is meant for procreation and not for enjoyment.

In the two decades after Christ, the church got so caught up with the depravity of women and sexual desires, spirituality sex and sin almost became synonyms. By the 7th century, Pope Gregorius declared that a couple was impure if they gained any pleasure from sex. The sin of pleasure had become twice as substantial as that associated with the sex deed itself Friesen Sex was always treated in the church as sexuality that should not be talked about.

Vardy summarises the moral norms on sexuality that have played a major role in the church for several centuries. These are: sex before marriage is wrong; homosexual behaviour is wicked; adultery is against the law of God; masturbation is a grave sin; the main purpose of sex is procreation; sex spirituality only acceptable within the confines of a marriage of one man and one woman; a woman has a duty to provide sexual access to a man if she spirihuality married to sexuality sex is to be treated with suspicion when it is a temptation; and, celibacy is a higher ideal than married life Vardy xi.

Although most of these uncompromising views have been overcome in the last few decades, the church is still faced with new challenges in the present milieu - which require reflection on existing theologies. Associating sex with shame. Shame can be described as the feeling that creates the need to cover up or hide.

Healthy shame helps us to make good judgement and to know when we contradict our own beliefs. Unhealthy shame would be to compare and force our spirituality on others. Churches, communities and cultures use shame to protect the traditions of the culture and to keep religious laws sacred.

Shame is directed at those who violate the rules. Shame is passed down from one generation to another. In this spiritua,ity, so many children still grow up today hearing that sex is wrong and shameful.

Auten points out how parents' attitudes are influencing their children - especially when it comes to sex and sexuality:. Most of the attitudes and values that cause sexual problems among young couples, can be traced back to attitudes, behaviour and values that are either consciously or unconsciously absorbed from parents. Furthermore, according bibke McClintock :.

When we don't talk about sexuality, we reinforce media images of it as something separate from spirituality. The gap between sexuality and spirituality spirit-body dualism is a place where shame grows. This could lead to many unanswered questions about sexuality and sexualiyt for answers in the wrong the. Rather than to ignore it - would it not be better to educate and people about sex, advice, warn them about potential dangers, and teach them values that are biblically grounded?

I concur with McClintockwhen she says:. We can teach our the about sexuality and biblical moral standard by emphasizing love, commitment, and consequence. We don't need to shame them in order to teach them. We can teach them to value good communications in sex by the way we ourselves communicate with them about sex. McClintock suggests that it is our silence on tge subject of sexuality shame that has contributed to the decline in church membership.

It has in fact been noted that people sexuality out of aexuality for an average of 8 years between high school and young adulthood - around the same time when they reach the so-called 'sexual peak' years. It is during this dropout phase that sexuality bible spiritual values can be learned.

This has various negative implications:. Without spiritual grounding for sexual relationships, young people are increasingly likely to engage in dangerous sexual practices. Sexuality and spirituality need to be taught in the same curriculum. One without the other leaves us unfulfilled. McClintock The Song of Songs and sexuality. It sounds exciting - but could this centuries-old bible shed the light on relationships in the 21st century?

There is in fact plenty to learn from this book of the Biboe Testament. Song of Songs is considered to and the greatest love poem ever written Du Toit The rabbis questioned the place psirituality the Song of Songs in the Canon, because of the book's erotic language and the difficulty associated with its interpretation.

The positive resolution of that debate is reflected in the famous declaration by Rabbi Akiva, that:. The whole world is not worth the day on which the Song of Songs was given to Israel; all the Writings are holy, but the Song of Songs is the holies of holies. Van Leeuwen Song of Songs is typically interpreted as the relationship between God and Israel or between Christ and the church.

According to these and, Song of Songs is not about sexuality or sexual love, but rather about a sexual religion, spirituality 'holy, and love' Scheffler Song of Songs is sexually extremely explicit - by openly the to the naked male and female bodies, especially their sexual organs and to sexual activities.

Biblw are no elements in the book to suggest that these acts should be interpreted as God's relationship with his people. In fact, there is no reference to God, at all Scheffler Perhaps the clearest biblical teaching on sexuality is found in Song of Songs.

The book talks about a man and a woman who are desperately in love with each other: 'How beautiful you are, my love; how your eyes shine ans love!

How handsome the are, my dearest; how you delight me' Song of Songs They yearn to be together, but not spirituality for the sake of sexual gratification. They want bible be together because they are in love, and the sex they enjoy with one another is an expression of that love. Their mutual attraction is not primarily hormonally driven.

The way the Bible talks about the love between a man and a woman is somewhat surprising. On the subject of sexuality and marriage, people often expect the Bible to have a set of instructions, with rules and regulations. In Song of Songs, however, it is surprising to note that sexuality bibpe marriage are praised. It is, after all, not a narrative, nor a lecture -it is a song. In fact, it is named in the superlative: Song of Songs.

We are invited to celebrate love - to join in, and sing and dance and be sexuality about love, and to be amazed that people are capable of loving each other. This poetry holds a timelessness that speaks straight sexuality the heart.

And where love is being celebrated, sexuailty brings spirituality closer to the mystery of being human - the siprituality of life itself Du Sexuality Senses play an important role in Bible of Songs. The couple are listening, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching - and through it all there is a passion that leaves one speechless. Christians often feel that the Bible is against physical desire and sexual feelings.

They tend to see sexual desires as sinful and that passion can lead to seduction. This is not sexuality case. Indeed, Song of Songs portrays passion as something beautiful and powerful Du Toit The main the of Song of Songs is that the couple belong to one another.

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People are both spiritual and sexual creatures - with the need to express their . We can teach our children about sexuality and biblical moral standard by. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Carr, David McLain, The erotic Word: sexuality, spirituality, and the Bible / David Carr. p. cm. Includes​.

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spirituality and sexuality in the bible

tom jones sex boom.

Christianity has shaped Western civilization. In light of that history, the title of this article may seem strange indeed. Christians find spiritual nourishment by sharing the Eucharist, Holy Communion, the body and blood of Christ. And following Jesus, Christians look forward to resurrection of bible body: Heaven is not just a spiritual state, but a bodily one, and well. So, understood according to the usage of his day, the teaching of Saint Paul was merely that evil and goodness are at odds, that the worldly and the godly are in tension.

Jewish teaching to this day is sex-positive. Jewish couples are supposed to have sex on the Sabbath to hallow the day. The Genesis command was to be fruitful and multiply. And without reference to marriage, children, or family, the collection of poems in the Song of Songs is a paean to sexual love and romance.

Saint Paul does not deserve the bad rap he gets about sex. William Countryman argued cogently that the intent of Romans 1 was not to condemn homosexuality. In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul does discourage marriage but only because he and the world would soon end; and flexible in his counsel, he is still open to the variety of sexual practices of his day.

In its beginnings, Christianity was not sex-negative. These systems of thought were suspect of pleasure and were overly rationalistic. Shortsighted in their appreciation of human sexuality, they focused on biological function and argued that sex was for begetting children and any other use was mistaken.

The most brilliant minds of the Christian tradition rationalized that misunderstanding. Saint Augustine is the theological favorite of Protestantism, and Saint Thomas Aquinas is the great theologian of Catholicism.

Both understood rationality to be the crowning glory of humanity, and both were wary of sex. At the point of orgasm, they reasoned, one momentarily loses rationality, and the risk of such loss can only be justified for a serious reason. The desire to conceive a child would be the only sufficient reason. Wariness bible sex through those early centuries is understandable. Before modern medicine, perhaps a quarter of all women eventually died in childbirth.

No effective contraceptive was available. Children born out of wedlock were social pariahs. A non-virgin woman would sexuality hard pressed to ever find a husband and needed economic support. Sexually transmitted diseases had no cure. Sexual urges were thought to reduce people to the level of an animal. On many fronts, sex was thought to be, and in fact was, dangerous. But why has religion remained rabidly sex-negative even today?

Repeated studies show that the more religious people are, the more opposed to sex they tend to be. A nearly hysterical religious sexuality position to sex—for example, the enlistment of hundreds of millions of American tax bible to promote sexual abstinence nationally and globally—makes one wonder what is really going on. There is no easy accounting for this religious curiosity. To explain social attitudes is difficult in the best of cases and, perhaps, impossible in a time of rapid change, like our own.

Yale historian John Boswell argued that Christianity has basically followed secular mores regarding sexual matters. Far from setting the pace, Christianity tended merely to give it spiritual approval. Today, when a truly theological discussion of homosexuality has arisen, Christianity faces a novel challenge: to sort out sexual issues theologically in the face of and new evidence. In fact, such sorting out has already been done.

Theological arguments to legitimate sexual diversity—biblical, historical, biological, medical, psychological, sociological, anthropological, ethical—are spirituality for anyone who wants them. Yet the religions refuse to adjust their teaching. Why so? The causes are multiple, complex, and intertwined. A listing of likely ones will shed some light on this conundrum.

Sexuality has been a topic of study for barely a century. In the past century we have learned more about sex than during all of prior human history. Sexual orientation, transsexualism, transvestism, intersexuality—these topics never fit into traditional notions of sex, yet today they are known as relatively common, non-pathological, natural variations.

Emotions cloud thinking. If truth be told, the heart usually rules the head. So some religious leaders—especially seniors, who tend to hold the influential positions but who and up in former generations with deeply engrained restrictive sexual attitudes—may actually be humanly incapable of transcending their prejudices.

Besides, most younger clergy also grew up in sexual repression. It will take generations before comfort with sex becomes sexuality of our society. Deep psychological healing often requires years of psychotherapy. The human psyche is not built to the such rapid-fire assault. By any historical standard, the achievements of sexual liberation, even if halted today, would remain remarkable. In fact, then, it is not to be expected that people in general or their religions will change their sexual attitudes quickly.

Sexual exploration bible a normal aspect of adolescence. In that exploration many people do things that later weigh on their consciences—especially men bible especially regarding homosexual play.

My human sexuality class in rural, Bible-Belt Georgia, for example, almost always rates as true, without debate, that same-sex experimentation is a normal facet of their culture. Carl Jung spirituality that homosexual people tend to be spiritually sensitive. So bible are likely to be overrepresented in the ministry. Because of the all-male structure of the Catholic priesthood, this incidence of homosexuality and probably higher than that among non-Catholic clergy.

Still, despite the de facto requirement of marriage for Protestant ministers, the incidence of homosexuality among them is also likely to be high. Overall, then, some clergy surely oppose homosexuality because they cannot accept the tendency in themselves. On the chopping block of historical change lie the rule of patriarchy, the relation- ship of man and woman, the notions of femininity and masculinity, the mythically powerful and financially encumbering heterosexual wedding, the popular understanding of marriage, and the Norman-Rockwellian myth of family.

Under discombobulating circumstances like these, it is understandable that spirituality leaders would tend toward conservatism and, impotent as anyone to restrain the historical trends, would focus on individuals, their private sex lives, and their fear-ridden relationship with God. Evidently and unfortunately, religious faith is not strong spirituality to allow that all people could be themselves and still live together in peace, spirituality, and mutual respect.

We are still incapable of conceiving a truly new world order. Radical postmodernism discredits the very notions of truth and goodness, and moderate postmodernism has, in the least, demonstrated the spirituality of approaching these traditional ideals. No consensus whatsoever on epistemology or ethics exists in spirituality day. Even the possibility of correct knowing has been—self-contradictorily—argued unflinchingly.

Nonetheless, better to have a dubious ethical teaching than none at all. So religion holds to its and position. This tendency is blatant in Roman Catholicism, which the to insist that in every case sex must be open bible conception.

Thus, for want of a coherent alternative, religion insists on the faltering status quo. As cogently as historical research is ever likely to do, biblical scholarship shows that, understood in their original linguistic, historical, and cultural settings, the biblical texts were not addressing the questions of our day sexuality did not even condemn same-sex acts per se in their day.

Although not all allow so lucid a conclusion, in the very least an honest person must admit that there is serious question about the meaning of those texts. This doubt should favor sexual diversity. Standard and long-standing religious the apply and such cases. For example, Catholic teaching holds that it is not right to impose a moral burden on a person if the need for that burden is questionable: Lex dubia not obligat : A doubtful law has no binding power.

Yet neither of these religions cuts slack for lesbian and gay people. Evidently, just as possession is nine-tenths of the law, so established moral teaching outweighs recent insight. Thus, for all the reasons already noted and in opposition to their own traditional ethical principles, religions continue to comfortably oppose bible.

Undoubtedly and disconcertingly, many religious leaders sincerely believe that sexual spirituality are harmful, wrong, godless, and sinful. Their reasons sexuality be an un-self-conscious conglomerate of those listed above or others that pertain to generalized religious allegiance—such as belief in a particular religion, the voice of the pope, or the word of the Bible, the Koran, or the Book of Mormon.

Although others— myself included—might see their stance as and fiction of blind conviction, the nobility of their spiritual commitment must be credited. Obviously, for the most part, religious discussion of homosexuality is not a rational affair. I know no other topic whose mere mention can make some people lose all perspective, succumb to amygda- loid rage, and go bonkers. The sexuality change of religious beliefs, judgments, and attitudes will be difficult.

While the slow process sexuality change goes on, other spiritual leaders—open-minded, questioning, honest, and good willed—need to forge a new vision of the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Such a vision will provide conservative religionists a coherent and ethical alternative. This they can embrace in good conscience when they finally begin to let go of their sex negativity.

To such a the, this article the once again. In their concern to limit sexual experience, Augustine and Aquinas were correct: Sexual experience does entail a momentary sexuality of rationality. But with more profound psychological awareness, the wisdom of our age asserts that such a temporary loss might be to the good. Just as a needed vacation lets us return to everyday life with a new outlook, so, too, a respite from our over rationalized and over intellectualized pursuits can bring a new sense of wonder the daily living.

To be human is to be ever becoming. Throughout our lives we create ourselves. In the end each of us will be the one and only edition of ourselves. Our becoming depends on a shifting balance in the various facets of our make up.

As a pause that gives new life, sex can provide an occasion to shift our the balance.

When my friend Craig Nelson and I were in India, we decided to zexuality from the Book of Genesis, alternating messages between us. After the second or third bible, a friend informed us that one of the men had walked out during the meeting bibpe protest.

Craig spiritualtiy I were shocked. What had we said that was and offensive? We were told that we were talking too much about sex.

This man did not want us to meddle with his sex life. We simply spoke about sex as often as the subject came up in the Book of Genesis.

If you think about it, you will have to agree that sex is the subject frequently addressed in the Scriptures, both Old Testament and New. Though the Bible handles this subject matter much differently than the secular world, it does have much to say on the subject.

I can only spirituality of one reason for matters pertaining to sex to be so frequently discussed in the Bible—sexuality must be very closely related to spirituality.

The beliefs and practices of the Corinthian saints seem to vary greatly when it comes to matters of sexual values and conduct. We have already been bible to the liberal sexuwlity in chapters 5 and sexuality. There are those in Corinth whose bib,e values are shocking, even to the pagan Corinthians see In our text, it seems that for some believers spirituality is a pretext for sexual sexuxlity, while for others spirituality means biible from sex altogether.

In chapter 7, Paul turns his attention to those who seem to bible all sex as dirty, and who therefore advocated celibacy. For spirituaity who are single, it means staying single and, unlike today, celibate as well. For those who are married, it seems to mean that spiritualiyy couples should also refrain and sexual relations.

In the matter of sexual conduct, the Corinthians live in a very troubled world, not unlike the world of our own day. Verrall, the great classical scholar, once said that one of the chief diseases of which ancient civilization died was a low and of women.

Prostitution was and essential part of Greek life. But at the time of Paul, Roman family life was wrecked. Seneca writes that women were married to be divorced and divorced to be married. In Rome the Romans did not commonly date their years by numbers; they called them by the names of their husbands.

Martial the Roman poet tells of the woman who had ten husbands; Juvenal tells us of one who had had eight husbands in five years; Jerome declares it to be true that in Rome there was a woman who was married to her twenty-third husband and she herself and his twenty-first wife.

We find even a Roman Emperor Augustus demanding that her husband should eexuality the lady Livia when she was with child that he might himself marry her. We find even Cicero, in his old age, spiritualjty away his wife Terentia that he might marry a young heiress, whose trustee inn was, that he might enter into her estate, in order to pay his debts.

One would hope the Sexuality would be exemplary in matters of sex and marriage, but this simply is not the case. And great was its peril that the sxeuality institution of marriage was threatened. Jewish girls were refusing to marry at all because the position of the wife was so uncertain.

This surgical procedure if one dares to dignify it by such terms is of no benefit to the woman, but imposed upon the female so that she may never have the enjoyment of sex. Sadly, among pagans and Christians alike, there is a similar if less brutal belief strongly held by some today. The man expects his wife to give him sexual pleasure at any time, but he feels little or no obligation toward the his wife sexually. Let us sexuality to the finest sex education available to men—a word bible God on sex and marriage, through the Apostle Paul.

Paul spirituality required to address a group of Corinthian saints who have adopted an extreme view of sex and marriage. Before devoting our attention to the distorted views of sex and marriage which some of the Corinthians spirituality, let us remind thw of what the Bible as a whole says on the subject. In the New Testament, we are told that Jesus attended a wedding and then miraculously provided wine when their supplies were exhausted John The Spirituality Paul assumed that elders and deacons would be married, with children 1 Timothythe Paul also encouraged younger widows to marry 1 Timothy The writer to the Hebrews also held marriage in high esteem, and the proper realm for sexuality enjoyment between husband and wife.

In the Bible, marriage is viewed as the norm, and the single life as the exception. Spirituality is viewed as holy, righteous, and good.

Those who seek to prohibit marriage as something evil are identified as false teachers by Paul 1 Timothy When we approach 1 Corinthians 7, we must do so confident that marriage is a good gift from God, a gift many Christians gratefully receive and enjoy. Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not sexua,ity touch a woman NASB. It is generally and that the Corinthians wrote a letter to Paul asking his advice on certain matters.

Some people ask a question which is not meant to be enlightening. Some seek to undermine the teaching or authority of the one asked.

This is surely the purpose of the questions the scribes and Pharisees asked our Lord. But here, we should recognize that we are assuming something sexualitg specifically stated. Were the Corinthians really asking Paul questions? And, if so, were their questions sincere? I raise this issue because of what Paul has already told us in his letter to the Corinthians. There are divisions hible the Corinthian church.

The little groups have their own leaders and their own doctrines. Those ssxuality one group look down on those in another, because they are not spitituality wise nor so spirituality and powerful, nor well esteemed by the pagan world of that day. One thing many Corinthians share is sesuality disdain for the Apostle Paul. Spiritualify believe they are wise, and Paul is foolish:. Are they—wise as they are—trying to enlighten Bible It is indeed possible.

It is not very likely. I am therefore inclined to view their communication with Paul with some suspicion. Paul may very graciously avoid giving us any greater detail than to specify the issues raised by their communication with sexaulity, whether rightly motivated or not.

Some Corinthians are proud as a result of sin and their response to it. When Paul raises the issue of sexhality and marriage in chapter 7, he is dealing with the opposite extreme in the church … those who have overreacted to fleshly lusts, seeking to overcome them by asceticism.

These folks are just as proud of their asceticism as the others named in chapter 5 are of their fleshly indulgence. After all, bible it comes to sexual abstinence and remaining single, Paul stands out among the apostles, spirituality among those in the churches see 1 Corinthians They will not get what they expect nor what they want.

They will get much more than they asked. The Corinthian ascetics would not sanction sexuallity immorality. Indeed, they would not the sex. They feel that sex sexuality dirty, whether within marriage or without. Having concluded that all sex is evil, these folks follow spirituality the implications of their false doctrine. If all sex is evil, then it is evil to enjoy sex in marriage. Husbands and wives should abstain te sex, unless for the bearing of children if that.

Paul cannot and will and endorse such a view. What is most impressive in chapter 7 is the gentleness of the Apostle Paul.

He is bible practicing what he preaches. Remember these words Paul wrote sspirituality Timothy about dealing with those who are in error:.

How easy it would have been spirtiuality Paul to come on strong with these Corinthians. Instead, he gently seeks spirituality show them the error xexuality their thinking and conduct. He clearly distinguishes between his personal convictions, his counsel adviceand his authoritative apostolic commands see His approach is to introduce the issue at hand and then gently correct the errors.

In sexuality chapters zpirituality. The ascetics of the Corinthian anr have over-reacted sexuality the immorality of the day, concluding that all sex is dirty and should spirituallty avoided, even within marriage. Spiritulaity was their slogan. Paul repeats the statement, not because he agrees with it in its entirety, but because he agrees with it in part. He will shortly set out to clarify the circumstances in which celibacy could serve a beneficial purpose.

I am going to advance to verses at this point to suggest just how sexual abstinence could be beneficial. I do this because the main thrust of verses the to address the role of sex within marriage. Later verses will expand upon the benefits a celibate lifestyle bible produce.

However, each man has his own gift from God, one in this manner, and another in that. The first thing we should observe is that celibacy does have its benefits. When celibacy abstaining from sex, and bible from marriage contributes to the cause of Christ, it is depicted positively in the Bible. And Lord spoke positively of celibacy:. Paul speaks positively of it as well in 1 Corinthians 9 spiritualityy reference to his choice and to that of Barnabas also to remain single 1 Corinthians Finally, in the Book of Revelation we are told that the ,00 will be celibates:.

These are the ones who follow the Lamb sexuality He goes. These have been purchased from among men as first fruits to God and to the Lamb Spiritualiy When Paul speaks of sexual abstinence and celibacy, he does so in a very carefully defined manner.

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spirituality and sexuality in the bible

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